New Year, New Place


So, this is the first blog. I guess I’d better start with focusing on 2016, rather than things which dragged me down towards the end of 2015. This year is all about moving forwards, making changes and being independent. Essentially, my plan is to move to Sheffield as soon as possible and in with my boyfriend, whom currently studies and works there. I spend so much time in Sheffield, I may as well live here- I’m here now, yes bringing in the new year in this magnificent city of Yorkshire. I wanted to spend the first moments of 2016 in this city because I felt like if I’m ending the year here, I may as well spend the early moments here. I had the same theory 2 years ago when I knew I’d be moving to Manchester- I wanted to bring in the New Year there too.
This NYE was something completely different to what I have experienced in Manchester on the previous 3 New Years. In Manchester, the atmosphere was all about clubbing and kissing and lots of people crammed in one place, and overall a much more expensive night, even if you didn’t drink. I’m not a huge drinker and will never get drunk somewhere I am not comfortable, like out in a bar or in a club. Don’t get me wrong, I have been drunk in houses and even on the way out, but never to the point where I loose complete control, memory or throw up! The drinking culture here, especially in university is something I am not a part of. Even during Freshers, I went out a lot but never drank alcohol at a bar. I began to get really uncomfortable with being out in Manchester and fed up with everyone’s obsession with alcohol-related events and after I gave up soda drinks over a year ago, there wasn’t much choice for me anyway- the novelty didn’t even last til semester 2! I prefer to spend my money on good food and have a nice glass of wine with the meal, rather than drink for the sake of drinking.

So this NYE, I was pleased with the decision to do something different. I that Dean (my boyfriend) and I, would be back in Sheffield, so we ended up going to our local Sunday roast pub, The Red Lion, where they had free buffet and entertainment. It was such a great atmosphere! There wasn’t too many people there, but just enough to create a comfortable party environment. Dean and I had just been for a meal, so we enjoyed a glass of wine or two and were soon up dancing with a couple of delightful local ladies to some classic tunes. There was nobody in embarrassingly drunken states, no girls flopping about in heels and no guys with massive egos and puffy pigeon chests trying to make advances. This was, to me. an enjoyable night out.
It was this New Year, which gave me some faith back in British society. A night out isn’t all about drinking until you throw up all over the pavement and “pulling” as many people as humanly possible! It’s not about pushing and shoving and being pissed off by people because everyone is out to get “wrecked” so nothing will get in their way. I am only 25 and some of my friends and fellow students view this opinion as “old” or “grown-up” or perhaps suggest that while I’m a student, I should be making the most of the experience (which is the general vibe at the moment). To be honest, I’m not afraid of growing-up or being “old”. I’m much more afraid of losing my memory and dignity through drink than giving the impression of being “older”. Hey, I can have fun and I’m sure as hell not against drinking socially- some people are hilarious after they get a bit tiddly. To me, it’s just when I can see someone has drank beyond the point of what they can handle and that their bodies will suffer the consequences- this is when I don’t think it’s a good plan.
I’m not going to go too much into this, but after the fun night in the pub, Dean and I found and took care of a drunk girl on her own on the street. She was in a vulnerable state- that’s all I need to say. It was a reminder that, although we chose to celebrate the New Year in a different, more traditional way this time, obviously other people will choose to be part of the NYE that I experienced, previously in Manchester. Again, I will say that I’m not against drinking, it just saddens me to see young girls (and guys) in such a vulnerable state that they could have ended up anywhere. Left to rely on kindhearted strangers, that are sober enough to make sensible choices for them to get them home safe…
BUT to end on a positive note, I’m sure I know where I will be spending my new NYE and more to come! I enjoyed that friendly, family atmosphere and dancing, making friends and laughing so much, I swear I had a mini Ab workout! Thank you Red Lion for allowing us to start 2016 with warmth, comfort and pure positivity!

So, this was my first ever blog! Different kind of writing to poetry and novels, I must say but I’m giving it a bash. Please comment below and let me know how you spend your NYE, what your ideal atmosphere is and if you are interested in the Red Lion, they are on Charles Street in Sheffield. They do a good Sunday roast every week, very student friendly and quality food!
With that said, I guess you will hear from me in my next blog! Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. Happy New Year and keep the spirits high!

All the best,
Heather ^_^

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