New Coat & Organic Food

Day number 2 of blogging! Thank you for coming back, I appreciate all the support I can get on this new writing venture- just checked the website stats and apparently I’ve already had 38 new visitors! Thank you to those people, even if you don’t read all the blogs and just explore my poetry section etc. that’s ALL good! Anyway, I’m waffling now…
So today, I was excited to wear my new coat and hat (isn’t it crazy how excited we can get about this?) and go out for lunch at an organic cafe! If you have ready my “About” page, you will know how passionate I am about healthy food. It’s difficult at the moment, but once Dean and I have a place completely to ourselves, I will be going crazy, experimenting in the kitchen and we will also may be able to afford more organic food- but for now, we have found a little gem in the city!


Fusion Cafe, on Arundle Street in Sheffield, is completely organic with plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes available. I can confirm it was real food because we left feeling so full! I went along with my friends India and Chris, whom recommended this lovely place. The staff were very warm and friendly and the food was delicious! I don’t normally eat risotto, but it was on the specials board and had goat’s cheese, sweet potatoes and cheery tomatoes so sounded appetizing to me. For afters, I had a vegan fruit scone! It was so delicious, you couldn’t tell it was any different.
If there is one thing I find interesting about a healthy diet, it’s that it doesn’t all have to be lettuce leaves and “boring” stuff. With the right whole food ingredients, you can make your favorite sweet treats, but with healthier substitutes (check out my YouTube video- Fruity Soda Bread Buns). Youtubers that have inspired me are Holistic Habits, Joannah Soh and even BubzBeauty when I discovered banana pancakes! It takes away the restrictions and makes it kinda fun. I can’t wait to get back into it- don’t get me wrong, I am making the most of my current situation, but I know there is so much more I could be doing. From watching Youtube and listening what my parents had researched themselves, my awareness was more open and last Spring, I decided to go pescatarian (vegetarian that eats fish). I could be fully vegetarian and it’s not that often I do eat fish anyway, I just feel being completely veggie restricts eating choices when I’m out a bit too much and I hate being fussy- that’s my fault, I know I need to work on that. My reasons for being pescatarian are purely for health reasons, although the idea of factory farming does get me angry- I understand that I can’t change the world and it happens, but when I buy meat for Dean, I try to ensure that it’s outdoor raised/ grazed animals. It’s better for the body and kinder to the animals- being a believer in Native American religions, I feel an animal raised for meat should be treated with respect and gratitude for what they are going through so the consumers can eat them. So, I’m not a crazy animal-rights guilt tripping veggie or anything, I just feel like animals for meat should be treated right and if they aren’t then those businesses shouldn’t be supported. If you are skint, I totally understand it can’t always be done fore some people. In an ideal world those businesses wouldn’t exist and the “cruel” choice wouldn’t be available anyway- rant over!

That’s all for today, guys. I spent the evening at Dean’s opening night for his art exhibition at Gallery 35 on Chapel Walks. His first of 2 this week, tomorrow he has an opening night at the Gage KIAC galleries at Kelham Island. The Gallery 35 exhibition is on for a week and worth checking out if you are into art. It was a bit last minute, so Dean done really well to put something together last minute. If you’d like to see what his artwork is about, I will leave a link to his website here– it’s quite different 🙂
So let’s leave it there, thank you for reading this blog peeps and see you next time!
All the best,
Heather ^_^

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