A Creative Day

Welcome back to my blog! Today will be mainly about supporting and promoting Dean’s art and his fellow student artists via there beautiful exhibition they have going on right now at Kelham Island, Sheffield!
Today, I took Dean to the organic cafe and it turns out it was a bit too OTT health freak for him right now- but he tried a lamb curry which was new for him and enjoyed torturing himself with double espressos (this is a natural tea drinking guy) but it was entertaining watching his face! As you can see, today I went for quiche & salad.

Sweet chili, goat’s cheese & onion quiche with organic beetroot & toasted seed salad!

When it was time to head to the exhibition, Dean and I grabbed some wine (red Chilean merlot) from Sainsbury’s for his fellow exhibitor, Hannah’s “bar”. Yes, this artist constructed and decorated her own bar for the exhibition, which was very popular tonight as it was so warm and cozy in this freezing cold venue (glad we wrapped up!). I will put a collection of photos below from the exhibition of Dean and Hannah’s exhibits. All the exhibits were so unique and shone with creativity.
Dean exhibited his handmade plastic fantasy characters, Rubix & Pluto, whom have an exciting background story and lovable personalities. The stories can be found on Dean’s website, which I will link below and well worth a read, especially for the youngsters with a wild imagination! When I wasn’t absorbed in Dean’s “Land of Shapes & Giants”, I was keeping warm in Hannah’s bar, where refreshments and alcoholic beverages were served, along with great company! The tropical theme, Hannah created helped to warm the guests as well as the home brewed cider on offer at the bar, which had some fantastic reviews (I wish I was a cider fan to confirm, but let’s believe the experts :P).

I’m going to be honest and say, I’m writing this blog very late and I’m a bit tired, so I will leave you with some snapshots of the artistic magic, below, before I get all waffley and stop making sense. Take care and see you next time! Thank you again for reading!

All the best,
Heather ^_^


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