Ouch! My abs!

This morning, while Dean got up bright and early to see to some artistic business at one of his exhibitions, I decided to torture myself with an little workout… I enjoy following Joanna Soh and Blogilates on YouTube (will link down below) and often turn to them for some indoor workouts when I need to let out some much repressed energy and, this time, scoffing guilt from Christmas!
I began with Joanna’s workout which was so appropriate for me in my current living situation- no big lounge to run round in. This one was designed for a hotel room, which is great that Joanna had thought of these specific situations where people may need to workout- no excuses people! It was a high intensity workout, but after I finished, I thought “I could push myself more”… So onto Cassie’s 1000 Abs Challenge! Last time I done this, it was last year in the Spring time, and as you can see from the picture, I was in a more pathetic state after my first attempt (although I had done it after a run that day!).

I felt rather refreshed after torturing my torso, and it felt good to put my body through it’s paces after what seems like ages! My lifestyle at the moment is so in between and temporary, I feel like I can’t comfortably get into a routine. Until I move to Sheffield full time, it feels as though a lot of things are on hold for me. I am attempting to stay positive and make the most out of the situation, even though it isn’t the most ideal. I feel like I live on the road and, even though I don’t have a proper house in Sheffield, it feels more like home than the house I live in for University in Manchester. I have been cooking more for Dean and I since the New Year and it feels more like we are working as a team to get through this bit. We can only hope that someone will take over Dean’s room so we can finally look for a house.

Having a healthy lifestyle is a difficult and challenging step to make, and as students, the financial challenge makes it even more frustrating. I often feel so restricted and annoyed that organic products are treated as such a luxury as they are so expensive, when they are probably the most simple products you can create and all we need for a healthy body. There was an interesting talk on Dr. Bergman’s channel I was watching today about taking control of your own life. Bergman is an holistic doctor and very inspiring to listen to. Today, when he was banging on about setting goals and focusing on positive change for your future, it was so close to what I’ve learned so far in Coaching, that I had a little internal nerd out! Wow, Coaching is good for your health! Everything is connected, the mind, the body and spirit. I have always believed in this concept, but when a doctor confirms this, it feels like an even greater thing to believe in! I will link this video down below as well, if you are interested- it’s very inspiring!
Didn’t do much else today and I’m not going to waffle on about our further search for Dean’s bear and the adventure we had there- but he has written about it in his blog if you want to check that out, it’s there. Oh yeah! I made a healthy, vegetarian meal for tea today! Roast sweet potatoes and asparagus with fried (and slightly baked eggs). Yeah, the hobs in student accommodation are a PAIN IN MY… life. It actually puts me off cooking on the hob. They take forever to heat up and then stay at like 1000 degrees forever, making almost impossible to fry eggs without burning the ass off them! So this time, I found a technique! This made the eggs look actually presentable, as you will see in my appetizing photo below. I start cooking them on the hob on a low heat, and then when they are almost done, finish them off on a plate on the bottom of the oven while I wait for the potatoes to finish off- perfect! They went down well so this is my new “crap hob conquering” technique! Let’s see what I can come up with next, anyway guys, until tomorrow, take care and thank you for reading all this ranting about the cooker!

Our tea that caused a mission of preparation.

All the best,
Heather ^_^

Joanna Soh’s high intensity bed/ hotel room workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPIFJXAVpg0
Blogilates 1000 Abs Challenge:
Dr. Bergman’s Video- Take Charge of Your Life:
Dean’s first Blog

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