January Sales, Food & Wine

Let’s get straight to it- I was meant to post this last night, but it got too late and I’d has too much wine… Best not let that happen again soon, feeling so dehydrated this morning! We had a pretty relaxed start to the day, with Dean having no commitments to the exhibition today. I decided to treat us to a meal for lunch, so we headed to Cosmo! This is an international all-you-can-eat buffet and is SO tempting to just fill your faces with each and every country’s taste in cuisine! Clearly, for my quite speedy metabolism, that’s not really possible for me- but of course, I tried it on. It’s like Micheal McIntyre’s (the comedian) prospective- when humans see ALL FOOD, the want ALL FOOD! I quite enjoy watching people excite about food. Dashing from station to station, eyes all over the serving dishes, watching them think “what can I have, what can I have! I paid £8 for this I must have EVERYTHING!” I’m not generalizing here, but those who enjoy food, I’m sure this is you 😉

The plates, in this buffet, are always a completely random abomination of food. Who eats pizza with onion bahjis? Or sushi with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls? It’s madness- complete madness. I think my mistake was filling up on sushi and left not much room for the other random things I wanted to stuff myself with. I also had a massive pot of Jasmine tea which was filling me up (a complete bargain for £1.50!) so I had to get Dean to help me out, as you can see from the picture, he was pretty happy with that.
After lunch, we headed to Dean’s exhibition at Gallery 35 again, to chill out and see if there was anyone interested in his exhibit. I enjoyed talking about his project on sentimentality with his missing bear, and ways he can change the story from here- just wanted to mention this briefly.
I have been trying to get some new jeans since I came back to Sheffield and so far I’ve been distracted with hats and coats etc. Alright, just my new hat and coat. So I headed to Primark in search of some bargains! I got some black skinnies to replace the ones with a whole in, some black leggings- as I seems to be wearing them more these days and on the way to the till, I stumbled along a floaty, hippie, 70’s kinda dress like I’ve been wanting all Summer! I tried it on and it seems very over-sized and the belt was huge! So, being me and wanting this dress, I adapted to the situation and tied a knot in the belt. It said 8 on the hanger and I thought, surely I won’t need a 6! I went to see if there was one out there anyway and it was only then, that I realized- I’d just tried on a size 16! Damn things not being on the right hangers! I really couldn’t be bothered trying on an 8 so I searched the hangers for a 10, as I knew that being over-sized was working with this dress. If it wasn’t right when I tried it on, I could always bring it back. Anyway, turns out it was fine when I tried it on at home- it was a MUCH better length this time, so my little legs no longer looked like stubs.

For tea, we had Dean’s homemade spaghetti bolognaise with wine- of course. It was this delicious Chilean wine I’d tried at home over Christmas at my grandparents- it is so smooth and refreshing! Dean also made his own garlic bread, which is all good, if you like oregano! It is always really yummy and crunchy, like a bruchetta. While Dean was cooking, I had been watching Zoella and Alfie  playing “guess the body part” on PointlessBlog, Alfie’s YouTube channel. It was so funny! I will leave the link here, if you haven’t/ want to see it. I thought it would be funny for Dean and I to play it under the influence of wine… I’m now aware that, if Dean had no sight, he thinks my tongue feels like an eye! It was hilarious to think that I would think it’d be funny to let my blindfolded boyfriend poke me in the eye!
Anyway, we will leave it there, people. Thank you for reading, yet again and hope your Friday was also fun-filled and exciting. Until tomorrow…well, tonight, take care!
All the best,
Heather ^_^


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