Sunday Roast Tradition & Blog Make-over

Yay! Sunday roast day! This is the first Sunday blog, so of course I must begin by explaining the religious trip to The Red Lion each week, which has been happening for over a year now. It all began when Dean and his friend, Hannah (yes, the artist from my previously blog, with the bar) set out on a mission to find the “best Sunday roast in Sheffield”. I had the pleasure of joining them for their first ever trip to The Red Lion. The portions are generous, it’s all home cooked and super service with familiar friendly faces to greet you. For students this is a complete bargain at £5 ! If you want, you can finish off with a crumble of the day (usually rhubarb or apple) for just £2.50. It’s so affordable and fulfilling, so this is why we go here every Sunday and choose to end (or begin for some of you) our week at this lovely local. I won’t keep repeating myself every Sunday, now you know the story and unless I state otherwise, it’s obvious that we will have had lunch at The Red Lion.


I’m definitely a ‘routine’ kind of person. I like to know what the plans are and although many people are now ‘getting back to reality’ whatever that may be for you, my very loose timetable routine of university doesn’t begin until February! I do have a dance performance at the end of this month, so at least I can dedicate my spare time in Salford to tidying up my routines; I’m not an experienced dancer and have a small part in this show, but I love rehearsing with the Dance Society, they are a great bunch of positive, encouraging people and they never fail to make me smile. I keep having a look at the videos and going over the routines in my head, but there is nothing like performing together with a group to neaten up the routines. So this will be keeping me occupied until the end of the month.

I have had a look at one of my assignments for next semester that looks like I will be able to make some notes on and start planning, even though we have had no lectures yet- no reason why I can’t get started, right? I want to really focus on work and not get too hung up about not being able to move just yet or it will start to drag me down. I feel like this blog is really helping me out at the moment- I love having a project to do like all the time. The main thing is, if I get stuck into course work and get it done for around Easter, then I can finally start my Coaching! I really can’t wait (I know I keep saying this but I do have this urge to get stuck in and don’t know how else to express it!)
I have been looking at alternate blog sites, but I’m so undecided and I have actually figured out how to make some amendments here on Weebly, so I guess I’m content with this for now. If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE comment and let me know, I’m up for suggestions.

I’m uploading this blog early today, just because I don’t want to be up really really late once again and Dean and I are just having a casual afternoon- he’s working on his latest “Smilie” art project, so I took the opportunity to mess about on here and see how to make my page look more professional and personal. I like this font because I wanted something that resembles handwriting, as it is a blog-diary-journal, that kind of thing. Let me know what you think anyway. As you may be able to tell from the photos I have uploaded today have been edited (never, Heather). Yeah, I played around with Picasa 3 again to make myself look like a porcelain doll or something and make the food look more appetizing as the lighting in the pub didn’t do the meal justice at all. I like playing about with filters etc. I do this for my poetry so please check out the images with my words I’ve done so far HERE.

So this image, here makes me look like one of them old fashioned paintings or something. I kinda like the warm light. Actually, I think old fashioned in general has something warm about it- like log fires and oak fire places and fluffy rugs on the floor in a country cottage. Can you tell I can’t wait to decorate a house!? I actually came up with an idea of a theme for my future house warming party, I suggested to Dean over lunch today- what about a themed fancy dress of different ages of your choice?! Huh? I don’t think I could decided between 1980’s or 1920’s. I know there is a huge difference between those two haha! On one hand, I have lots of clothing already for the 1980’s decade and well, my hair speaks for itself as I was blessed with an 80’s perm from birth, so I’m already good to go. On the other hand, the 1920’s is more adventurous and my new hat and coat could go well but I’d obviously require a shopping trip for this. I will just have to see what situation I’m in nearer the time cos I am thinking about this FAR too early aren’t I?
So, from me and my new fonts, hope you had a relaxing Sunday!
All the best,
Heather ^_^

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