Wonderful Walkley (ft. Phone Rant)

So I guess it’s been a couple of days since I blogged on here. I did intend to post last night, but after I got in, I felt really dizzy and tired so sitting in front of a laptop didn’t seam like the best idea- oh well, more to talk about today!
Nothing much really happened on Monday, apart from the panic of Dean receiving a phone call from someone interested in his room. We decided to have a big clean up and get the flat “showroom” standard, like Dean’s flatmate has done. Living with this uncertain situation of, the flat could go in a couple of days and we need somewhere to move into soon, was all getting a bit much for my psyche to handle, For me, I like to be planned, know what is going on, know where I will be short-term etc. So, I guess you could say I had a little panic attack and poor Dean had to put up with me all stressed out. I wasn’t going to rest until I knew something productive was planned, so the next day we decided to dedicate to getting viewings booked, looking around and that kind of thing. We found a new cafe which do the most amazing American pancakes I have ever tried! We just sat down to make a couple of phone calls before Dean ran off to a seminar and I tried to be a bit more productive.



When I am stressed about something, I either do one of two things to procrastinate: eat or shop. On Tuesday, I did both. Fair enough, there wasn’t really much else for me to do while I was waiting around for Dean with the key to get in the flat, so I went to my new favorite store: Select. I went in for gloves- came out with stretchy shorts and two new over-sized shirts for exercising/ dancing in! They must have been purposely over-sized for I fear a real size 6 would be lost in those! Still gloveless, I also done a bit of make-up window shopping. I’m not very girly, so I’m normally quite scared of make-shopping without guidance so I didn’t end up buying anything.

In the evening, we went along to Dean’s closing event for his exhibition at Gallery 35, where he’s been exhibiting his “Jam” project all week. Check out his website HERE for more about that. I normally go along to these events just to support Dean and chat away to the other artists- I ALWAYS find artists fun and interesting to talk to and can usually chat their heads off if we get onto a topic we both feel passionately about- like nature. Last night, I actually found some benefits for myself and that people are quite interested in what I do for creativity. I met a gentlemen whom produced some amazing Video Art, which I had never heard of. When I got talking to him, it turns out we use the same editing suite and he is very technical, so he gave me a few tips for my blogging too, which I really appreciated. I have now subscribed to his YouTube channel so if you want to see what Video Art is then take a look HERE.

Rant Section: Why I chose an old phone.

I wanted to save this until the end of Tuesday’s bit, as I feel a bit of a rant coming on and I didn’t want to ramble on in the middle. Yesterday, I was happy to be reunited with nostalgic and basic technology! Judge all you want to, but I have made this decision for my own reasons and my own reasons only! I’m not attempting to convert people or make a point. The only point I wish to make is to myself. So here goes: I’m now the proud owner of a Nokia 3310. I still have my smart phone handy for stuff like Instagram, sharing my blogs on other social media etc and to use as a handy little camera; however, there is no sim card in it, so I can no longer take the internet with me. I began to feel like I was relying on it for something to do while you are just waiting around. Last year on my course, I studied Mindfulness, learning that humans are very stimulative creatures and just need to have their minds occupied at all times. I have become more and more conscious of this since last year and the more I notice it, the more I think “Wow! People really can’t just sit and look out of the window on a train anymore.” So this triggered my rebellion side and I thought “No! I don’t want to be absorbed in my phone just because everyone else is!” Even though, to me, while surrounded by so many people in public engaged in mobile technology, it felt almost rude or uncomfortable if I wasn’t doing the same, I just felt this strong resistance within me, getting more and more frustrated…

So this month, I decided to do something about it. Instead of just complaining and commenting, like I do here a lot of people doing via sharing passive aggressive posts or “Memes” of social media or making angry comments, even though they probably use a smart phone themselves. People often talk about it in terms of “we”. “We are becoming dependent on phones”, “we need them for this….” etc. Well speak for yourselves, if you are guilty of saying this (and I’m one of them). I understand many people may find them useful and beneficial for business etc. and that’s fair enough, absolutely fair enough. I just don’t like the way my smart phone was allowing me to feel disengaged with my environment and preoccupied with other people’s lives on a daily basis. I admit, it was pretty cool at first to take a picture of something you are doing there and then to share with friends, but for me, that novelty has worn off, Now, I’d rather everyone didn’t know where I was and what I’m doing. For me, it’s all about telling the story of what I done and the details of what happened behind the picture or event. I felt like, when I was sharing pictures all of the time on snapchat or Instagram while I was out, I was disconnected with the present moment and too concerned over this technology which allows me to share everything with people! I had less rich material to put in my story to tell later, which is why I think I’m so in love with blogging at the moment. These stories will be great to look back on and share in the future.

Happy being old school!

So, there we have it. Rant over and please take from this what you may, however please understand that I’m not frowning upon those of you whom still continue to appreciate your smartphones and rely on them. My mission is simply to prove to myself, that I don’t really need one and that simplicity is something I have missed and perhaps I only ever got a smart phone because it was the trend and I was just afraid to be different. I’m pleased to say that fear has departed and I embrace being different these days- it’s really not a negative experience.

Alright, so, onto today’s happenings. We had quite a busy day starting with a trip to the bank, an apartment viewing and then I had work while Dean had an assessment at Uni. We sure covered a lot of miles across Sheffield today and I was feeling the tiredness this evening. We hopped on the Supertram for the first time to give us a head start on the way up to Walkley. I felt like I achieved something great today, as I found the apartments we were viewing without a smartphone GPS or anything. I noted down some directions to take with me and follow, which worked so smoothly! This is what I used to do when I used to drive places as I didn’t want to fiddle with a sat nav on the road while I was driving and I didn’t really trust them- I like to look at a map and see where I am in relation to other things rather than rely on the guidance of a device. I’m kind of a map nerd anyway- I’m not just anti-technology which could look like a strong message in this blog today- no, I just like being able to navigate independently.

Wandering in Walkley

If there was one thing I discovered from our walk to Walkley, it’s that I fell in love with the neighborhood and the beautiful views from the very top of Walkley. Surrounded by many trees and the village-type streets and being on high ground, makes Walkley the ideal nest for me. I always admired the area, however it’s actually taking a walk around there, which allowed me to appreciate it way more, especially as we made a new friend today!
It was a long trek and Dean began feeling like it was a bit far away from the city compared to what he’s used to, but after calling at the local, friendly pub for an affordable homemade meal, I think he fell for Walkley too.

We entered the pub with that anxious feeling of “oh it looks like one of those local pubs that’s full of locals, watching and judging as you enter” as it was pretty quiet. BUT we were greeted very warmly by the friendly barman who was very chatty and sold us the specials which are 2 for a FIVER! Incredible value for quality, home cooked food! You wouldn’t believe it! Don’t bother with Wetherspoons for a cheap lunch anymore guys: if you live in Sheffield or are visiting, this is well worth a visit! Cask ales also available and pints for as cheap as £2.40. I don’t drink that kind of thing, but it’s good to share that information, I guess.


We got talking to the lovely barman and turns out they do a Sunday roast deal: 2 for £12 and a FREE dessert! So the plan is to check that out on Sunday with a few friends and Dean may be exhibiting some of his work there too! All round a positive, productive trip to Walkley today. I particularly want to look for a home here from now on- we have more viewings this week but it’s going to take a lot to compete with the Walkley atmosphere.

So, this a been a bit of a LONG blog today but it has been a couple of days with a lot of experiences and I did want to have an explanation for the phone (sorry!). I did want to talk about my new pages on this blog site and talk about my “Poem of the Month” but I think I will write a separate blog for that under ‘updates’ or ‘monthly favorites’ or something like that. Before I got I’ll just drop a link to The Springvale Tavern’s Facebook and Directions there.
Until next time, thank you for reading, guys and take care!

All the best,
Heather ^_^

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