Snow In My Bag!

It’s been a couple of days once again, but I figured if I get into the habit of doing these every single day then I will probably end up just having random, rambling blogs where I’m just rambling for the sake of it. So, here is just a few interesting things which have happened over the past few days…

As you can see, I have changed my blog theme and fonts (again!) I just can’t seem to get satisfied by the layout completely and would rather it looked a bit more professional, but hey I guess I’m just a beginner at this- upgrades will happen when I get improve. For now, this will do and it’s a lot better than what I had initially. Struggling to think what happened earlier this week, now. We went to another house viewing on Friday in Sharrow, so not my favorite location but an ideal one for work and access to town etc. The house was a good size and not bad overall, although it needed and was getting some work done to it. I pondered over it while Dean and I had lunch at Wetherspoons. It seemed more and more attractive. We soon found out that one of the 2 people interested in Dean’s room pulled out. Then the house looked even more attractive because it was A HOUSE and not a pokey little room in student halls or a house share, which is the situations we are in now. Unfortunately there was more bad news when we got in to discover that the other person was no longer interested in the room. So here we are with a list of houses we are interested in or have viewed and looks like we can’t arrange to move any time soon. Back to square one. I hate square one. It feels like we keep ending up back here and it’s becoming an irritating square that’s very uncomfortably familiar. We didn’t have such a good day. We tried everything to move forward, but everyone we asked for help, seemed to point out that we were trying and had thought of everything already. My optimist says “there must be something else”. I was scared for either of us giving up, which means I have been a bit uptight and not pleasant to be around…

Today, however we sort of unconsciously decided to mutually take a break from this moving situation which was getting us so down. I realized it’s not worth putting my relationship under strain and giving Dean a hard time by getting into ultra-military about it all and constantly trying too hard. It drained the both of us. There was an analogy my Sensei used in a karate class, years ago which would describe this kind of situation, perfectly. When a pool of water is stirred and stirred, the water becomes cloudy and distilled, so it’s impossible to gain insight of what is going on. The best way to make sense of it is to just wait and watch the dirt settle, so the water becomes clearer once again. I feel like we have done all we can so perhaps the best thing to do now is let the water become clear again, but keep believing all the way.

This morning, we had the most chilled out and relaxing morning. I awoke with lots of positive inspiration: things I could do with my writing such as blog post ideas, stories and a way of using my blog to help keep me focused on the positives about moving and not about the stress and frustration in which it has been causing at the moment. Dean and I had a long talk this morning about dreams, the unconscious and thought processes. This is what triggered more inspiration and reminded me that I had a “life story” draft of which I had written too many words for my assignment last year, but I figured I could use this and perhaps be brave enough to write more of my life story some day. A dream I had triggered this urge to write about certain aspects of my life which my unconscious still wont leave behind. So this will be another project…
I also started planning my new assignment for semester 2 on Thursday. We don’t have lectures until February, but I figured I might as well plan it and have a go as all the information we need is provided. I’m really enjoying my writing at the moment, which I guess is a good thing, as I have decided to go down the theoretical route for my final year, so my academic writing will need to be on the ball!

To end this blog on a high, we were delighted to welcome the first snow to Sheffield this Winter after a relaxing, yet productive day (in a creative way). We went for a meal at an Italian place this evening as the snow began to fall. It was beautiful sitting insight a warm, cozy little restaurant with a Wintery scene outside as we dined on fine Italian cuisine. I wish I could remember the name of the place, so I could recommend it, but it was right next to the Brown Bear, near the Peace Gardens in Sheffield. I even treated myself to a tiramisu, which I rarely get as it is quite creamy and I’m not good with cream at all. It was made with Tia Maria and it was beautiful- very expensive but worth it!


After meeting Dean’s art friends in the pub next door for some drinks and a good chat, we wandered back home through the snow, which had now laid all over the place! Dean made a couple of snowmen and I just went mad taking photos as if we’d never seen snow before! Being from the North West, we really aren’t used to snow lasting this long. Can always rely on Yorkshire for a white Winter. When I used to have school holidays, we’d go away for New Years to Yorkshire and in February half term and there was nearly always snow. So the snowman building turned into a snowball fight! I’m really not used to carrying round a handbag, especially one that flops open because the magnet button thing is broken, so as Dean was hurling snowballs at me, I was annoyed to find some mini snowballs inside my bag where technical things were at risk of getting wet! It also slowed me down cos I was trying to run around throwing snowballs without my bag falling open and snowballs getting in. I just wanted to play and this silly bag was reminding me to be mature. So tomorrow I will just leave the bag at home…
So, thanks for reading my blog. Here are some snaps of the snow scenes in Sheffield tonight. Off for a Sunday roast at the new pub in Walkley tomorrow, so stay posted to see how that goes. Praying for the snow to stick around until tomorrow so I can get Dean back for getting snow down my neck!

All the best,
Heather ^_^

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