Mini Organic Food Haul & Why I support veganism

So this month, I discovered Beanies wholefoods of Sheffield! A fantastic little wholefood store, which is the only classified all organic grocers in Sheffield. They have a huge selection and I could have bought so much more yummy healthy things if my budget allowed it. There are so many vegan, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian foods to choose from. As soon as I can move to Sheffield, I will for sure be getting a Beanies delivery as they provide bulk order boxes which work out cheaper than calling into the shop twice a week. Check out their website for more information, if you are interested in getting some healthy goodness into your cupboards.

So, here is the very small selection of items that I bought:

Cashew Butter

I really didn’t think I would like this, as I’ve never been a fan of peanut butter, but it tastes nothing like it! Maybe because it’s raw and cashews have a sweeter taste? All I know is it make a delicious healthy, dairy-free spread. I have been watching some vegan recipe videos on YouTube and some form of nut butter is always brought up.

For anyone whom doesn’t agree with vegan lifestyle, that’s totally your decision- however I’m aware some people don’t think that it’s healthy and you can’t possibly get enough nutrition. If you can find the correct nutritional substitutes, and have enough of them, I really don’t see why it’s unhealthy. Many vegan recipes are full of vegetable protein and healthy fats, which is what our bodies need most. I’m not against eating meat, I just personally don’t like it and I know dairy is bad for my body; so those are my reasons for choosing vegan inspired meals. If you like meat, it is best for you in moderation (like everything else) and I would always promote organic meats, as I have feelings against factory farming, where animals are fed with synthetic feeds for fast production. These artificial ingredients also go into the consumer’s body, therefore not getting sufficient nutrition from the meat. Organic meat is raised outdoors, where the livestock can freely graze on natural food. I don’t want to convert you all to vegans, guys, but I hope this raises some awareness of what meat is good for you and why it is worth choosing organic. Well that was an unexpected rant-next item 🙂


Almond Milk

I wanted to give all the dairy-free alternatives a try. This almond milk allowed me to enjoy something I haven’t eaten in such a long time, because I can’t stand milk. I am able to have muesli and enjoy tastier oatmeal, as  before I was just adding water instead of milk. This particular almond milk was Spanish and quite pricey, probably because it was raw but I wanted to make it last. I’m aware there are cheaper almond milks out there which make a fantastic dairy-free alternative, if that’s something you wish to try. There is also rice water, coconut milk and soy milk as dairy-free alternatives- however there are debates on soy and the impression I got is that it’s OK as long as it’s from raw soy beans and had minimal artificial interference with the process.


Gluten Free Muesli

Oats in their raw form do not contain gluten, however with many cereal’s factory processes, gluten is formed within the product. This is bad news to anyone with coeliac disease or any form of gluten intolerance because it makes it difficult to get their oats. Nairn’s seem to specialize in gluten free oat products, so just look out for that name if you are intolerant. The muesli itself was very basic, containing enough dried fruit, which I always ate first whenever I had muesli when I was little and once that was gone, left the rest- the sad thing is, I haven’t changed that much and still find myself getting as much dried fruit in one mouthful as possible!


These corn cakes in the picture below aren’t from Beanies, and I’m guessing neither are they organic, but they have minimal ingredients and went nicely with my cashew butter, which is why I wanted to mention them. I got them from Sainsbury’s in a larger pack and it wasn’t expensive, so probably not organic, but not a bad snack! You can also see there, the dried mango slices I got from Beanies. They were delicious!

So, that is my mini haul-told you it was mini! I didn’t get a lot of things, so decided to write a bit more about them and talk a little bit more about why I’m inspired by the vegan diet; I used “diet” loosely as it implies that it’s a temporary thing. If I go vegan, I will be vegan, as in it will be my lifestyle. I think I will still continue to eat eggs, as I’m not sure what is wrong with them completely? If you know, please tell me in the comments, as I know it’s a consistent debate within the vegan community apparently. Saying that, I have been all week without eggs, so I can afford to cut down, if they are so much of a problem.

Thank you for reading, and your interest shown in my appreciation for organic food. It might be a while before I do another haul, as I am a student and can’t afford to just go out and buy things, so the next one will probably be food!

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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