January Favorites


Welcome to my first of these monthly favorites blogs!
It turns out student finance came in earlier than I expected so I had some spare Christmas money to treat myself to some clothes! This is something I rarely do, being such a tight student. There will be stuff I bought but also general things which I appreciated about this month in here too, so not just material items and food! So, that’s the intro done. Below you can find my list, I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration. Please comment and share some of your favorites too!

1. New Years at The Red Lion

I have put this as a favorite because it was something that’s a little different I done this New Year, compared to what I have done recently. It was the first moments of 2016 and I appreciated that it was in Sheffield and in a warm, friendly environment. The company was great, the food is always quality and will always be a favorite!

2. My New Hat & Coat

It just had to be didn’t it! You have seen it and if you live know me and live in Sheffield, you will have been one of the first to see me excitedly wearing this coat. I got them both from Select (which should probably be a favorite on it’s own) where the coat was in the sale and it was just totally spontaneous and I love it! I feel quite grown up in this combination so I feel this is appropriate, considering my main goals of 2016.


3. Fusion Cafe

I discovered this Organic Cafe in the first week of January and I’m so pleased that it’s in my life now! Everything is organic, lots of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan choices and it’s affordable! It’s really cool, knowing that when I want to eat out, there is a local organic place I can go to and enjoy eating out without the guilt of high sugary, processed foods which is normally the only affordable option for students. It’s a favorite in January, but I will continue to be a regular visitor.

4. My beloved Nokia 3310

I know this phone came out over a decade ago now. But I chose this as a favorite because it represents positive change and simplicity, which I have been inspired to look towards throughout last year and my confidence to be different- because I want to. I have this phone because I wanted one. Read my phone rant blog if you want to know more, but I’m not going on about it anymore ha! ha!


5. P-P-P Pick up a Penguin!

I don’t often get crazes on biscuits or chocolate things anymore, but I randomly diverted myself towards a packet of these which were on offer in Sainsbury’s the other day and it was such a treat. I used to have these at school and it just reminded me of the Year 6 SATS revision club that our school ran after school and we had penguins and juice!


6. My Silver Horse Amethyst Necklace

A delayed gift from Dean for our 3 year anniversary in December. I absolutely love it! It came in a velvet little box which is adorable. I have recently discovered that Amethyst is the stone of “faithful love” which is rather appropriate anniversary gift I must say. It is also Dean’s birthstone, so kind of him to share it with me and this little horse ^_^

7. The Springvale Tavern

We stumbled across this pub while looking for a bite in Walkley after viewing an apartment there in mid January. The staff were lovely, the food was all home cooked and delicious and made with local produce. A friendly, cheap and cheerful place to eat and I’m sure we will be visiting more in future.

 8. Reign

I don’t think this is the most historically accurate show, however I find the suspense, wardrobe and characters all beautiful and entertaining. My favorite character is Francis, the King of France (I can hear my partner sighing right now). We all love a good swordsman, leader and loyal husband! His relationship with Mary doesn’t get off to the best start, but I admire their ability to conquer obstacles their high positions demand, and despite them being King and Queen, their love managed to power through. I’m also a fan of Queen Catherine of France. She is a strong, harsh woman, but when she’s on your side she is good royal bitch to befriend.


9. Beanies: Organic Wholefoods!

I was so excited when we discovered this store! So excited I spent a small fortune on only a few items! I told myself it was worth it, as it was wholefood which doesn’t come cheap! I spotted the “wholefood” sign outside the store as we were venturing up the hill to Walkley in Sheffield. It was another reason I feel this has to be my future home. The local amenities are perfection! Beanies is Sheffield’s only certified organic grocers and i sure could tell when I feasted my eyes upon the glorious, full sized organic selection they have. Beanies also deliver all around Sheffield for convenience. All their suppliers are organic and they offer UK produce only boxes as part of their services. HERE is a link to their website, if you are based in Sheffield and want to get your hands on some of their good stuff!  Below is what I bought to try from this wholefood provider (I also got some dried mango, but didn’t waste any time devouring that) :


10. Finding a use for my rediscovered passion…

For some reason, unknown to me, I had an urge to start blogging. I have tried YouTube and my video skills are still there, however I feel that I need a little more confidence in being in front of the camera, rather than being behind the scenes as I’m used to. Even though I understood that being a YouTuber involves taking upon ALL roles which are normally shared in the media industry. I realized this as I set up my camera, however I think, when it came to making my first couple of videos, I began to appreciate the time, effort and courage it takes to perform all of those roles, including being a presenter- something I will need to work on. I am a perfectionist and I believe this is why I took a back step from YouTube and was kind of left in limbo for a while. My partner, Dean had spoken to me about blogging months ago, but I kind of brushed it aside- I guess I must have taken it in because week 1 of 2016, there I was typing away my first blog post. I loved it! So far I am still loving it, and have a feeling that my writing passion at last has a home. Not only can I blog, but write alongside work that I’ve had stored for years and share my new inspirations in this space!

I appreciate Dean’s supportive words and I’m please that I created “HeatherBlogz” this year. My current situation is a difficult and frustrating one at present, so my writing has been my therapy and keeping me sane in this initial month of the year. I want to thank everyone who has commented, shared or even just taken the time to read my posts so far. Every bit of support means a lot as I being this blogging mountain and road to independence. It means a lot that I can share my inspirations and hopefully inspire others in my doing so.


So this is my final favorite of my first monthly favorites series- just an appreciation of a well supported decision I made early this year. I believe everything happens for a reason and that reason is a seed of positive energy to help me grow and learn at this early stage of my adult life… I hope you have enjoyed my favorites! Please comment with anything you have enjoyed or appreciated this month and thank you so much for reading.

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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