Heather Blogz: Poetry Update #1

This weekend I have not made my usual trip over the Pennines to Sheffield, but stayed back here in Manchester to get started on my assignments. Of course I ended up completing and publishing “Our Fabulous Dance Show: The SUDS Experience” on Saturday morning which I was pleased about, as I put a lot of work into that one. As well as my blog, I also have been working on my Poetry Collection page, which has been empty for too long now.

I decided to include my poetry in my blog space, yet just show a little at a time so that I can demonstrate how I write, yet not allow all my work to be available at once, as I have future plans for my poetry collection which I’ve had for many years now. This was my reasons behind “Poem Of The Month“, to show my poetry in hope of some much appreciated feedback, so if you take a look at my poems, or even the imagery quotes, I have to show, please do share your thoughts…

I have managed to add 3 poems, so far and more will keep coming as and when I can afford time to do so. My collection on this blog, is like a public brainstorm of how and what I wish to present in my first poetry book; therefore I would appreciate any feedback on my Poetry Collection page of what other creative minds think about my ideas. As well as reviewing my poems and what inspired me to write each one, I have also been able to enjoy creating some imagery for my quotations on Picasa 3. A couple of images I have that my Dad had taken from when I had a horse on loan, and the most magical experience of my life… I absolutely love that I have found a way to put images to my words, as I like to write visually. I’m not a brilliant photographer or editor by any means, yet with my own words, I just know exactly how I wish them to look.

So, just a quick update there for what is going on in my poetry corner, that it’s not sitting there empty any longer so I invite you to My Poetry Collection: A Walk Among The Heather and feel free to leave your thoughts or email me (heathers1990@googlemail.com) if you would actually like to discuss my poems or want to see more and I’d be happy to send some over.

Thank you for reading,

Heather ^_^

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