First Signs of Change: Life Blogz #1


This is the first of my new Lifestyle series, featuring updates of my day to day life. When I initially started blogging, I was completely blind and just making things up as I went along… A month later and I’m so much more clued up and have a greater understanding of the world of blogging. I am so thankful that the bloggers I’ve approached have been so supportive and many have posted blogs already, to help rookies, like myself get out there into the community and grow our blogs. Although I have older blogs that may come under this category, I will be starting a fresh from here and the others will remain under the main”Lifestyle” section, as I feel like my first month was like a series on its own- about me exploring the blogging world and finding my feet. Now I am ready for a new chapter, ready to be more organized and structured with my posts.

So, what’s been going on in my life outside of poetry, exploring blogs and dancing? Last week, I said farewell to a good friend of mine, as she left the country with her lovely Aussie partner. I first met Cristiana through my early counseling training back home and we soon bonded over our taste in music. Being on a counseling course, we have seen each other through everything and after our diploma, we stayed in touch and both ended up in Manchester! Now she has met a kindhearted man to fill her dreams, she is off on a new adventure to Australia (wow!) and I couldn’t be more happy for the both of them. Cristiana and Jay have been supportive of my blog, since I wrote my first post so thank you guys and I wish you all the best in your new life over there!


Big changes for my friends and not long until big changes head mine and Dean’s way. For a long, long time I have wanted to move to Sheffield and for even longer have I wanted to move to Yorkshire in general. My Poem Of The Month highlights my situation I’ve been in for that past year. Towards the end of last year, Dean and I decided that we wanted to move in together and have been playing it by ear for some time, now. Only recently have we decided to set a deadline to aim for and now I am beginning to feel like the climb up that huge mountain, I was climbing since right before Christmas, has come to a stand still and I am staggering across the summit in the blustery winds, trying to stay on my feet. However, it is a magnificent view from this place. I can see our future much more clearly, yet there are still a few important things to get in place before we go flying down the hill, as I fear things will soon speed up, the closer we get to the big move…


It was this week, when we were exploring my new favorite area in Sheffield, that I saw so many signs of changes, in many forms. Crocuses and Daffodils were blooming at the side of the path, radiantly displaying their arrival to the world. The sun had finally some warmth, as we sat on a wall at the side of the road, listening to cheerful birds in the trees. Two magpies bounced triumphantly in the branches above us, and I admired their presence, smiling with gratitude. It was a pleasant moment, and I was filled with inspiration. We walked down a lane and a friendly black cat came to greet us, after, it too, was enjoying the warm sunlight. We stopped off for lunch in The Springvale yet again and as we were waiting for our meal, Dean and I scribbled in our notebooks. Creative minds at work, we take our writing/ art everywhere because everywhere is inspiration…


A couple of times this week, I have felt an overwhelming sense of happiness at random moments. Perhaps it’s because the long, drawn out weeks of January have finally terminated, or that I now have an enthusiastic group of friends to study with outside of class, as my friend, Dan and I have wanted since last semester; this has made my uni life much more fun and after the last study session, I left feeling so uplifted and proud of my friends for working so hard together. Even during the warm up at dance this week, I felt so alive, like I had so much energy I matched my choreographer, Ali in her great enthusiasm. I was ready to take on the world! I find it fascinating how moments like this occur at, apparently random occasions. Maybe, on some level, I’m aware of Spring waiting to warm the earth and decorate with her beautiful blooms, which is already happening- the changes are happening.


There we have it, the first of my Life Blogz series. I hope you have enjoyed reading this update of my life. The next one should be more exciting and I sense a descriptive piece to be released soon, as I was so inspired by nature this week, so keep a look out for that one. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. I hope Spring is showing signs to you, where ever you are…

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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