I’m Moving to Yorkshire! At Last: Countdown to Adulthood #1

Wow… I have been so excited to announce this and something I have been anticipating for SO long now, I don’t even know where to begin…

Well… I’M MOVING TO SHEFFIELD! I don’t even think it has completely sunk in yet, but after all the endless weeks of searching online, viewings, frustrations with letting agents and concerns about our limitations as students, we have secured a lovely apartment in Sheffield AT LAST!

This post is an introduction to my new temporary series: Countdown to Adulthood. I know that I’m already an adult at 25, but I’ve felt for a while that I wouldn’t truly grow up until I have a place I can call “my home”. House shares and living at home doesn’t give me full responsibility of a house/ apartment and I just feel like I’m beyond ready for this. This year is my independence year and as soon as I move into our new pad, I will be getting a job, paying bills and looking after a place- so, to me, I will prove myself as an adult.

I’ve had mixed responses about my choice to move to Sheffield half way through my degree in Salford, however, my close friends and family support this decision and I have my reasons (which I kinda just listed above) so this is enough for me. Usually, most people understand when I explain that my course only requires me to be in Uni for 2 days a week, in which I finish by lunchtime. We also get long breaks at Easter, Summer and Christmas, so really, my commuting fare will be limited.

Life in Manchester


Manchester was my first home after leaving my family home in Cumbria, and it was an incredibly fun place to live as a fresher and share the first-time-leaving-home experiences with others. I will never forget those days of wandering round the streets of Manchester in a massive group (thinking safety in numbers ha ha) and just absorbing the whole experience- like “oh my god we live here!” …Of course, as time went on and we got used to the city life and made more friends, our friendship circles got smaller and living in Manchester turned from the wow-factor, to more of an inconvenience- for me anyway.  The country girl within me craved grass, trees, mud, natural water sources and anything that resolved nature. The rather grey area of Salford resembled no such thing and I grew bored of my runs to the quays and the ground was hard beneath my feet… When I moved to Swinton last year, it was like a breath of fresh air. There were fields, places to walk, woodland, a country park and best of all, horses! This was amazing for me in the warmer months and I’d skip along the woodland paths to climb up trees to sit and write, or sit by the pond or have a little horsey fix…

I realized that by moving away out of the student area, that I would isolate myself quite a bit. The crime rate may be lower there and I had the countryside at my doorstep, but I sure distanced myself from a lot of the social life in Salford (apart from SUDS of course!). I knew it was my fault. I guess, as part of my personal development for my counselling training, I felt it would be beneficial to spend more time with myself and getting to know me a lot more. In short, I discovered that I LOVE writing- a hidden passion from childhood. My grades at Uni improved when I allowed myself to bring out the writer in me once more and embrace it. I also discovered that I’m rather obsessive about cleanliness and being tidy- I have a Monica (from Friends) in me and poor Dean often feels her wrath. Being on my own allowed this part of me to go completely bonkers and my room looked a little too organized…  Over Summer, my passion for filming and editing came back and I got a new camcorder when I went home and began my YouTube channel, which has now taken a back seat, while I gain confidence through blogging.

This was taken on a rural walk between Swinton & Clifton, Greater Manchester

Discovering Sheffield

I guess I’ve always had a thing about Sheffield. Every since I went to Speedway through my childhood and teen years, where my favorite team outside of my home, was the Sheffield Tigers. I’d also met a friend online via a Speedway forum and I went to watch my team at Sheffield, where we met in person. Since then, I’ve been talking to him and his brother for years! I’ve always wanted to move to Yorkshire, in general. Yet when Dean was accepted into Sheffield Hallam University, I obviously got to know Sheffield really well.

My social life seemed to move naturally from Salford to Sheffield and the more people Dean introduced me to, and some people I met on my own through poetry nights, the more I fell in love with the Steel City. Ironically, Sheffield is a green city and like I talked about in my “Life Blogz #2″post, it’s also known as England’s Biggest Village. The community life and warmth is very apparent in Sheffield and even though Manchester seemed like a great place to meet poets over Summer to make contacts, it was just too overwhelming for me.

When Dean and I decided to make a move on looking for houses, we discovered lovely suburban areas like Walkley, Commonside, Crookes and Hillsborough. They are just like little villages or towns of their own but still in close range of the city. Hills are something we are all too familiar with, being from Cumbria. To me, hills mean safety and home. I think the climb up a big hill is always worth what you can see from it’s summit. The search did seem to drag and there were times where I felt like I would never get to move here, but I had no alternative- just to keep going. I have Dean to thank throughout this, as he was an absolute angel through all of it. He was patient with me, he took control when he needed to and he was always the one whom remained strong and positive. I admit, that my anxiety did take over me at times and I failed to get on with things for being too obsessive. Dean taught me to just relax and keep a neutral mind, without actually knowing, and it was his attitude which reminded me to take a chill pill and let it happen in the right time.

All I can say is guys, never give up on your dreams. It might take a lot out of you and there maybe times you head backwards but you know where first gear is and it’s always worth trying again. If you want something bad enough, you will get it.

Click this image for my descriptive piece: Two Magpies

I will leave you with that positive thought for the weekend. Have a good one, whatever you are doing. We will continue celebrating Dean’s birthday today and start our furniture shopping! 🙂

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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4 thoughts on “I’m Moving to Yorkshire! At Last: Countdown to Adulthood #1

  1. Enjoyed reading about Manchester and Yorkshire. well written and looking forward to your eventual move to Sheffield. Good Luck.


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