February Favorites

1. Reading!

Perhaps this has naturally come along with my spontaneous desires to write from the beginning of this year, but I have not had such a strong urge to read before as this! I must be growing up! I have always been so picky with what I read, from horse stories to true life stories. Perhaps it was that all this writing has reminded me of my love for literature and when I studied Pride & Prejudice at school, which I simply loved! I wanted to read another classic, or something in which the story was set before post modern times. I have also, this year, gained a respect for older times, when life was simple. Perhaps this also ties in with my desire to escape the trap of social media on the go. So I was that desperate to read, I strolled into ASDA, knowing I would need to have lunch out that day, and went to the book section. I wanted a classic, ideally but I had a feeling there wouldn’t be much choice. I did, however come across the book in which I settled for- The Miner’s Daughter by Jennie Felton. I loved the way the “blurb” was written and the first few pages, so I went for this one. This is a story about a little girl whom looses her father in a mining accident and her’s mother’s struggle to support her two children in this mining community. The book reminds me of home, as I’m from a town which was once a mining community. There were several mines in Whitehaven, my birth town. My great-grandparents were miners and the horrific accidents, I have certainly been informed about at school and by my family. I am really enjoying the book so far and will probably attempt a review blog when I eventually finish it.


2. Musical: Annie

I have been in the mood to watch musicals all month but what prompted me to watch Annie for the first time since I was a child, was that SUDS’s next performance in May is Annie! We have learned act 1 and the song “Hard Knock Life” was just way too nostalgic to resist watching the DVD when it was offered by fellow Sudsie, Cassie- thanks lovey! I now have a couple of songs on my phone (I don’t even care) to sing along to when I am getting ready to go out or whatever.

3. Book: Girl Online


After reading Zoella’s blog in January about her successes of last year, I discovered “Girl Online: On Tour” and I was intrigued to read the first book. So, this month I was in Waterstones with Dean and it was a spontaneous buy, even though I did want it anyway. This must have been the quickest I’ve ever finished a book- I loved it. Zoe Sugg is talented at many things and now I’m also a fan of her novels. I just can’t wait to read Girl Online: On Tour!

4. Word: “Spangled”

This is just a cheeky little extra, as I feel I haven’t many faves this month. I heard my friend Dan use this word and I just thought it was too hilarious not to share. So now I’m looking for excuses to use this- and it’s one of them words you could probably substitute for anything!

5. TV/ Netflix: Call the Midwife

I know, this was out ages ago but after getting through all my other Netflix series, I have finally got around to watching this and (again) it’s set at an earlier time (1950’s) and I really appreciate learning about what life really was like then. I love how there is a lighthearted side of this series, which perhaps reflects how midwives normally work- Midwifery is such a responsible job and can be very upsetting and traumatic, I suppose they need their humor in order to keep sane? I also want to take this moment to mention my favorite character: Chummy! I LOVE Chummy! She is so clumsy, yet her posh accent would suggest otherwise and this makes her simply adorable.

6. Product: Vitapoint


This was something I used to tame my frizz when I was a kid, when I was sick of my wild mane getting in the way. I seem to have done a full circle with how I like my hair. I used to HATE it when I was a kid. It was just so big and frizzy and difficult to tame- I longed for straight, silky hair like my best friend, Jess. I then discovered straighteners which smoothed my curls, reducing my need to use Vitapoint. As I got older I went from leaving it natural to half-natural (just straightening my fringe) but now I NEVER straighten my hair and I want to just grow it and grow it- I LOVE my curls and that I’m happy with minimal styling now. BUT if my hair does look a bit on the dry side (especially if I’m pressed for time and need to blow dry it) I now have this handy leave-in conditioner to help me out again! I would normally promote natural products like Aloe Vera and Coconut oil- which do really help, but for me, I found it difficult judging the amount of coconut oil to put in my hair without it looking greasy. I think it works best as a hair mask than a leave in conditioner and perhaps it has something to do with how you are looking after yourself on the inside, when it comes to using natural products- that allows them to be more effective if you have a good diet and exercising…

7. Blogger Chats:

I am a complete newbie to blogging (just 2 months now) and this month, I discovered how the blogging community communicate with each other for support and bouncing ideas. I joined a WhatsApp chat that I saw being promoted by Rebekka from All That B so asked to join. This was such a great move, because not only did I get to meet other bloggers and have a source to chat to them every day, I gained loads more contacts and followers for my blog. All the girls in the chat have been very supportive and I found that some actually don’t live that far from me in Manchester! Thank you for letting me join, Rebekka and thanks to all the other girls that have been helpful within the chat πŸ™‚ I still need to join these weekly chats on Twitter, but I’m useless and keep forgetting about them, so this is my new goal for next month!

8. Song: At Last by Etta James

I feel like this song is completely appropriate for this month and it just came into my head, when I began to realize that I’d soon be moving to Yorkshire, on the first step towards my ultimate dreams! Along with the theme of reading and my random obsessions with “old fashioned” or “traditional” things this year, I am also appreciating older music lately, older than the usual 80’s stuff I’ve always listened to. Along with this song, I also have other 50’s hits like Rock Around the Clock and My Guy.

9. The Early Spring Blooms



And finally, this is more of an experiential favorite. Just walking around and getting a tiny glimpse of bright color in the corner of my eye reminds me that soon Winter will be over and the sun will warm the earth, more flowers will join the party and blossom all over the place! I love Spring. I normally celebrate the first day of Spring in some way, which I just call “Spring Day”. Last year, Dean and I went for a picnic in the botanical gardens, even though it was still a little nippy. The thing I look forward to most, and probably what Japan is celebrating right now, is the Cherry Blossom season. This is one of the main contributors to Spring and Easter, so look out, next month will probably involve a Cherry Blossom Tree…

So this is it! Bring on March and this is going to be a VERY busy month so I hope I can find a way to get the March favorites out on time. I will probably need to schedule it… So thank you for reading! I’d love to see what you think of any of my favorites- perhaps you can relate to Midwifery? Reading? or perhaps you are also getting excited about Spring?

All the best,

Heather ^_^





4 thoughts on “February Favorites

  1. Aww heather only just had a chance to read this! So glad you’re loving the chat, we love having you in it! You’re a great writer & this is a great post all round!!

    Rebekka xxx


  2. I totally feel you and your sudden urge to read again. I had this during my summer break, but unfortunately I’m now back at Uni so the fun books have to go on the back burner while textbooks take over. However I really resonate with this idea of suddenly feeling like you want to do something again, almost like you’ve rediscovered a passion for some unknown reason. And your talk of simpler times, I totally get that, but for me it’s sort of been in the form of clothes because I’ve had the biggest urge to go thrifting and start buying second hand clothes and save the world of extra waste, and I’ve just generally been loving the idea that the clothes have a history and a past – we must be getting old πŸ˜‰


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a sudden taste for vintage πŸ™‚ yes indeed, showing our age! But yeah I guess old clothes would have some amazing stories to tell ^-^


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