Surprise Visitors for Dean’s Birthday: Life Blogz #3

Hope you are having a good week! Thought I would squeeze in one more Life Blogz post before the Countdown to Adulthood series kind of takes over as I have a feeling that’s what is going to happen this month. It was Dean’s birthday at the weekend and I had arranged a surprise visit from my parents; we’d been longing to show them around Sheffield for so long and it was so exciting to celebrate both Dean’s birthday and the big changes heading our way.

So all Dean knew was that I’d had something special planned for him on Friday afternoon so he was not to make any plans! We went out for brunch with our friend, Hannah at ‘Wellies’ cafe near Sheffield Hallam Uni. It does some lovely meals and the most amazing breakfast sandwiches, although I got a double egg roll and wished I’d asked for a hard egg- I can’t stand messy fingers when I’m eating! But it still tasted good…

I was secretly texting my Mam all day, trying to workout a time that they would arrive and I had to march Dean down to the secret location. To avoid suspicion I blamed it on my mate texting me about our latest assignment (sorry Dan!) but I think Dean still became suspicious anyway. I came up with all these random questions and statements in attempt to throw him off the idea that someone might be meeting us, like asking him what kind of socks he was wearing and how he was dressed- got his mind boggling a bit!

So, even though my plans were to eat at the Red Lion, I’d actually forgotten to check the most important thing: serving times! I also make the mistake of double checking this after ordering 2 large glasses of wine for Dean and I after no food and knowing I’d need to finish that large glass before any food… So my parents turned up just as Dean was going through himself trying to guess what else I’d planned, baring gifts in their plenty! My Mam is a needle felting artist and she’d made Dean a cute little teddy bear. HERE is a link to her website if you would like to see her other felted creations. My Dad didn’t waste any time heading over to the bar to see what ales were on in this famous pub I’d been talking to him about for months.




Seeing as my parents had traveled so far to get here, I figured they’d enjoy a bar meal and night in a rock pub: The Dove & Rainbow, where there is always a live band at the weekend. There is a large Weatherspoons next to The Dove & Rainbow, so we had a meal, more drinks and a good catch up in there, before heading out to enjoy some real musical entertainment.


We had no idea what bands were on, but it sure didn’t disappoint, especially the 2nd band of the night which were all hair, nice boots and high energy! “Spitfire” absolutely rocked our socks off (as Jack Black would say I guess). The young lads were so talented with their 80’s metal style and unique stage presence. I always love it when a lead guitarist runs around with the energy of Angus Young from AC/DC and wild hair all over the place, a singer with a powerful voice and amazing chemistry with his band- every one of them looked like they were boss and having a total headbanger’s ball! Their music just got your feet bouncing and head nodding- there were absolutely magnificent! Check them out HERE.

My parents really enjoyed the night; real ales, real music, I think the excitement was all a bit much! I had been hyping up Sheffield for a while, so I wanted to make sure they’d see the amazing side that Dean and I do- Dean had wine so he was happy, stood there looking sophisticated in his flat cap at the bar with his glass. I don’t know how, but Dean handles wine too well and seems to get more sensible, the more he drinks.

SPITFIRE owning the night at The Dove & Rainbow
“The 1970’s Beer Mug”



My parents are now spending this week in York so good for them! Hope they are enjoying the rest of their Yorkshire adventure and will be seeing them again in a few weeks!

On Sunday, Dean and I took his Spanish flat mate for his first Yorkshire Sunday roast at The Roe Buck (The Red Lion had a large booking *gutted*) which was lovely! The veggie sausages were made from vegetables and not Quorn which was a big thumbs up from me! After this, we visited our friends at Gallery 35 before heading to the library to be real students and get on with our assignments. I have a SCONUL access to Hallam’s library now, so I got access and could work on my essay, alongside Dean rather than remain in his room- it was so good to actually sit in a library and work away. Hallam’s library is much bigger and nicer than Salford’s- it’s always too hot and I tend to work better in home comfort, but this time was a nice change and I actually got quite a bit done.

So just a little catch-up on what’s going on other than moving plans. I have had to schedule this week’s blogs so I do actually get more coursework done instead of writing blogs (oops he he) and I will get it done!

Thank you for reading another Life Blogz, and until next time, take care!

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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