I’ve seen the apartment! :Countdown to Adulthood #2

Welcome to number 2 of this whole moving experience series of my journey to adulthood and the land of Yorkshire! All the paperwork and contract stuff has just been sorted and last Monday night, Dean arranged for me to actually go and see the apartment for myself! When we first entered the area we will be living, I was in COMPLETE AWE of the lovely new builds, the beautiful silence and most of all THE VIEW! When we got half way up the hill, we could see the entire city illuminated before us. I just could not wipe the smile from my face, I could not believe that we are actually going to live here! I felt so proud of Dean, that, although we made the decision to go for this place together, I feel like it’s him whom has found our first home because I trusted his judgement before it was secured. For the first time it was Dean that lead the way, as I’m usually the orienteering one when it comes to new places and like to plan our adventures- but it was exciting letting Dean lead this time and  just felt like he’d lead me to paradise…


After all of that raving about Walkley and Crookes, it seems they aren’t the only places with a magnificent view and Sheffield has so many beautiful sights from above. It does have 7 hills, so just take your pick! As well as the views, I also have an unhealthy obsession with the trams and I’m so excited that they will be the main form of transport for us! It sounds ridiculous but I have this fear of buses and it’s amazing how, since I sold my car, I’ve managed to avoid them so conveniently!


I know it’s like a month early, but if I’m going to be shifting most of my stuff over the Pennines via train, then I’m going to need to be organized about packing. Those of you who know me, will know that I have a Monica (from Friends) within me. This means I excited about organized indoor events. I’m even thinking of our house warming being a content afternoon tea party to fit in with the tranquil neighborhood. Honestly, it was so quiet up there, I’d feel like we were disturbing such a peaceful atmosphere if we were to throw the kind of party I originally had in mind (which wasn’t even that rowdy and still quite ‘Monica’ if anything)…

Anyway, from party Monica back to packing Monica! I knew I wouldn’t rest, after returning to my room in Swinton with Dean’s suitcase to fill, I just had to get stuck in. I ended up practically clearing out all my drawers and half emptying my wardrobe. It’s going to be fun sharing Dean’s tiny room until we move into the new place (in 23 days, now! Woah!)

I now have to endure, this weekend, a train ride to Sheffield with 2 big suitcases and a heavy back pack… Wish me luck! I’ve figured that I will probably need to make another one of these mad trips the following week before I return for the final haul. I feel a lot better after doing this initial stage of packing because A: it feels real now! B: I want to be prepared and C: that will be step one checked off the list! (I love making lists and having that satisfying feeling of completing a task- is anyone else like this?)

FINALLY, I just want to chuck in there that I have actually managed to complete my first of 3 written assignments for uni! I aim to finish my second one before moving day or at least have a draft completed. I thought I’d finished my first one last week but my PD workshop on Friday gave me a few more bits to add… Oh yeah the SNOW! As much as I appreciate nature and always try to see the beautiful side of it, I was a little annoyed to see white roof tops on Friday morning, this close to Spring. However, when I was waiting for the train and the snow flakes fluttered before me with the magical silence which snow seems to bring, I had a change of heart and just had to capture it’s beauty. I also took a shot from the top floor of the building we were on for the afternoon of the workshop, which beheld a magnificent view of Manchester’s snow topped skyline.

Thank you for reading! Will see you in the next chapter of Countdown to Adulthood!

All the best,

Heather ^_^



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