Last tastes of real student life: Countdown to Adulthood #3

So last weekend I was invited to a friend’s birthday party… but as all students know, there doesn’t really need to be a reason to party. I was done with going out in Manchester a long time ago and when I did go out, I made sure to get the last train and I believe this was only with SUDS events just before Christmas. I have been ready to walk away from the wild nights out for a long time, even though I’m only in my second year- I’m still 25 at the end of the day. I feel like I got out of my system what I needed to as a fresher. There are aspects of student social life I will miss, however- like house/ flat parties. It’s the chilled out nights of just hanging with friends, having a bit of a laugh and maybe being a bit daft- I’m not a big drinker. After being invited to Sam’s birthday party, whom I met through Lee during freshers, I took advantage of my weekend in Salford to catch up with these guys again…

                      Reunited with last year’s Eddie Coleman/ John Lester gang:                         Micheal (middle) & Sam (Right)


Excuse the bad quality photo here (my selfie camera isn’t that great). The party was held at the halls I stayed in my first year and it was so great to see some familiar faces, including Micheal, my flat mate from last year! It was like a mini reunion and so many memories of life in the student village surrounded me as I entered the building and said to Lee how weird it felt being back, as he let me in. I became chummies with a girl called Laura-Jayne for the night, whom ensured I kept up with my fellow students, providing me with cocktails and Bacardi! For a girl that just likes a relaxing glass of wine these days, I think I handled my drinks fairly well. Sam and Lee decided to do a white t-shirt thing, which was pretty cool, where we all wrote things on each other. As you can imagine there was some pretty immature content here and there LOL. I, on the other hand, took this as an opportunity for some free promotion…



I always enjoy listening to the stories of students I met as freshers and see how they have progressed. Most of my friends from freshers are now applying for placements and/or have plans for their final year sorted. They have their new house mates and are working more hours in their part time jobs and assignments. My plans just seem so out of the norm, but I guess I’m alright with that- I’ve always liked being different in a way.

Lee Lee (left) taught me all the good places to go in Manchester ie: Satan’s Hollow!

I sure felt like an odd ball at a student party, retiring at 10pm, desperate for a takeaway to soak up the unusual amount of alcohol in my system. Why do we always crave more crap when we are full of crap?? I’m sure I can guess… Anyway, the pizza was good. The fries in their cute little cardboard box were very satisfying, keeping me alive as I waited for the train. Since moving to Swinton, I’d got pretty used to leaving social gatherings early to catch trains and what not. The “what not” here is keeping myself safe! I really don’t do good walking around Salford (of all places) on my own after dark. Perhaps this is more of a help than a hindrance, but I have this attitude that I have a 50-50 chance of getting attacked, just so that I keep aware. I guess you could put this down to my martial arts background. In my dojo we didn’t just learn to protect ourselves physically, we also learned a lot about preventing ourselves from actually being a target on the street. I keep these lessons close to me and hold them tight like a security blanket if I’m ever alone on the streets.

I’m happy to say this time I survived! I sat in bed munching on my pizza, embracing that unhealthy lifestyle while it lasts, as I aim to leave it behind with my student life in Manchester. This was just a quick addition to the series- I just felt like these experiences should be all part of preparing to move on. Thank you for reading! I will leave links to my earlier posts in this series below if you want to catch up.

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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