Train Haul 1 & Furniture Shopping: Countdown to Adulthood #4

Hope you all had a great weekend! Unfortunately I left my USB for transferring photos in Salford, so I wasn’t able to upload this yesterday like I had planned! (This constantly traveling from one place to another will soon no longer be a problem.)

Before I get into the moving update, I just thought I’d talk a little about my little regular meet ups with my uni friends to do some extra studying on Tuesdays. There is only a small group of us, but we sure have a lot of energy and ideas to share and help each other along- this is the kind of support I talk about in my previous blog: 6 Tips to Help Plan & Study for Assignments. This first came about when Dan and I discussed the idea of a study group and 2 more of our friends, Bronwyn and Alisha posted on our course group inviting others to do this! So I guess you could say we joined forces and this has continued. This has been the best thing for me, with the lack of contact hours this semester, I don’t feel like a proper student so our little library and lunch at the SU meetings has kept this alive for me. Thank you guys for being committed!



So, the transportation of my first haul: this was the most painful journey from Manchester to Sheffield of my life, yet also the most fulfilling- I was bringing my possessions to my new home county to stay and that felt good! The pain in my back on Thursday night, not so much. I had 3 HEAVY bags/ cases. The backpack, which you will see in the picture, is bigger than my torso and is heavy enough when it’s empty, let alone when it’s full of clothes, camera’s laptop etc. I was just so glad that I had planned this like a military operation because I was completely solo on this mission until I met Dean, whom stood there at Sheffield station like a knight in shining armor on the platform.

Dragging the two wheelie cases across the road to Swinton station was probably the most difficult and furthest I had to walk with all the bags on this journey. I must have looked like a pathetic turtle dragging along two body bags, with a most determined glare. It was the backpack that was the biggest problem. We got a taxi at Sheffield, as my lower back had gone a bit stiff with the strain. I am a bit freakishly strong for my size, but I wouldn’t say I’m the strongest I’ve been or could be. Dean had to go to a lecture, once he’d helped me lug everything to his room and I went on a hunt for boxes in Staples, to which I returned looking like a walking square with a head, hungry for Easter eggs. I wanted to get Dean (and myself kinda) a little treat for helping me out and letting me take over his room, so a trip to Sainsbury’s for one of those little Easter eggs for like a pound was in order.



I have recently got Snapchat back on my phone (don’t bother adding me, I will probably get rid of it again as it’s being a bit slow) so I decided to capture my boxing fun when I got in. Those Staples boxes are quite a task to assemble! I want to make sure there are always boxes to store things! For clothes or DVDs or whatever- it keeps them all in categories and keeps my sanity at bay, so thank heaven for boxes! I won’t bore you too much more on this packing topic, I just wanted to express this effort of not having a car! I miss my car so bad and can’t wait until I can afford one again. I have to do this all over again this Thursday, but that damn turtle shell is staying in Sheffield this time!

We started properly furniture shopping on Friday and we actually got some bits to start us off (including a couch!) which was very exciting, grown up and all that! We happened to be down Abbeydale Road as Dean had an interview in the lovely area of Millhouses. I had a wander around, taking pictures of spring, while Dean was at his interview. We then went for a cup of tea and I had some proper Yorkshire teacakes in the park cafe, while admiring the cute little duck pond outside. This was a park, I’d always seen from the train window on the way out of Sheffield and I was so happy to finally go there. Here is my little slideshow of the awakening of spring in Millhouses:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s it for this chapter! I expect the next moving update to be at the weekend, so thank you for reading an have a good week. I will leave links to my previous blogs from this series below.

All the best,

Heather ^_^


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