Train Haul 2, Job hunt & Arty Events: Countdown to Adulthood #5

Hello again, at long last! And Happy Spring Day for yesterday! I’m late again with this post- my apologies for the lack of professionalism. I have had a rather stressful last week at uni and the weekend was also a bit crazy, so I found it really difficult to write anything- I guess I just have too much on my mind I can’t work out what to share. So, that is my explanation, let’s just get on with the update, which I’m going to keep as brief as possible:

So, before I get into this week’s shenanigans, I wanted to plug this fantastic artist, Rob Richardson of “Fatbot Illustrations”- Instagram link is HERE. Rob done Dean and I a lovely portrait for our first home of us both as ZOMBIES! I’d never had a self portrait done before and I’d never have guessed this would be the first. Rob, along with many other local artists had a stand at Robot Con, a local convention at Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery. This was a fun day for art and comic lovers, with plenty to do and buy.

SO! This week, I had been getting a lot of anxiety about not knowing what I’m doing. Ideally, I wanted to leave the house with my second haul with confidence that I wouldn’t be returning until I had to collect the last of my things and hand in the keys; BUT I had two job interviews (for the same company) through the week and was still waiting to hear (and still am!) if I got the job. It was very adventurous, as it’s sales and marketing, so well out of my comfort zone- but if there is anything I have learned about myself recently as a inspiring to-be adult, it’s that I like to challenge myself and go beyond my limits, seize every opportunity available to me. As I am writing this blog, I have just arranged a meeting to get more info for another marketing job this week! Once again, in Manchester! (I can’t escape the place haha!) however, the job itself will be in Sheffield.

Admiring this artwork in the capital area of marketing in Manchester.

Job applications is something that I have quietly been getting on with in the background as all of this packing and hauling is being carried out. I don’t like to say too much about jobs that I’m particularly excited about in case the opportunities don’t follow through as I’d like and then I have to announce failures. I know that failure isn’t a nice word and each stage of getting a job is experience, whether you are successful or not. I did learn a lot from my last group interview and it completely opened my eyes to direct marketing.

So I now have everything packed/ stored away in boxes, ready to be collected later this week, so I can vacate the room. I have enjoyed my room, away from the rough area of Salford- it was my first independent, peaceful space and my housemates and landlord were delightful! It was weird spending my last night there, knowing that after that, I wouldn’t be sleeping alone anymore, weird but comforting…


So that was the final haul on my own done! The next time I take stuff by train, I will at least have my happy helper, Dean 🙂

On Saturday, I went to the Sheffield Hallam’s Fine Art 3 year fundraiser “Kunst Kunst Kunst”. Just like last year, we had a blast and I spontaneously decided to start ‘test vlogging’ that night, which was such a fun experience. My friends were keen to be on camera and provided a lot of encouragement for me to perhaps take this further! SO HeatherBlogz may soon also become HeatherVlogz! I was actually able to capture myself and Dean under hypnosis for the first time, thanks to my ‘test vlog’ as there were guest hypnotists giving volunteers a taster of this phenomenal experience.

Following on from that theme, Dean and I were invited to take part in a project involving more hypnosis- so yesterday we spent a couple of hours under a deep trance. I can’t explain how bizarre this feels and it’s not like you expect! I was fully conscious, however part of my I couldn’t control, like when I was “asleep” I could open my eyes but my body was paralyzed and my head was heavy! It was SO weird, but so worth the experience! I don’t experiment with drugs, but feeling what the body is capable of under the influence of it’s own chemicals, is fascinating to me.

Thank you for reading and I will be back as soon as possible with more exciting updates of my countdown. NOW ONLY 9 DAYS to go!!!

All the best,

Heather ^-^


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