No More Train Hauls! 5 Days to go: Countdown to Adulthood #6

Happy Easter weekend guys! It’s Good Friday and a good Friday it is indeed! Hope you all get plenty of chocolate eggs and fluffy chicks! Or whatever you get involved with at Easter. I’m just going to talk about moving out of my room at Manchester and what was so great about living there. Reflection coming right up!


From the train: Sheffield to Manchester

I am SO relieved that I’m done with hauling things onto trains and that now, most of my things are packed away and ready to be taken to the new apartment on Wednesday! YES it’s got to that point where I can now say a day rather than a date, which is all making it so real right now! From the long, cold search through the mid Winter months of finding the perfect nest, to this lovely sun-kissed afternoon as I sit here reflecting on my journey, looking forward to the big move. We have arranged our furniture delivery now, so we will have a couch, a table and a few bits to get us started. There is so much to look forward to, I could go on forever- but I’m going to stop, so I can talk about the last train haul yesterday:


For the first time, I got a day return to Manchester FROM Sheffield- this made it seem to me that Sheffield is now home for sure. I was grateful that Dean came along with me to help me with all my bags/ cases. I decided to vlog this day, as I feel it would be nice to look back on and remember the excitement of this time, as well as share with you all. (I’m going to try and set up my vlogging channel this weekend, so I will announce this launch in the near future.) I had a meeting about a potential job in the morning, so I had arranged this to my convenience of being in Manchester. After the meeting, I suggested to Dean that we sample the famous ‘Pedros’ pizza place. We took advantage of the lunch time deal and it was delicious! There will be more about this on my vlog…



SO! Time to empty my room! What we couldn’t bring on the train with us, we left in storage until my parents come with the van in a couple of weeks. Organization was key and now there was two of us, we could manage to take a fair bit. Looking at my empty room was very interesting. I had lived here for almost a year! Looking down the street to the little park at the end was once a daily thing, and now it was time to say good bye… This had been a lovely little space for me to have a lot of me-time which worked well for my degree course for my personal development.

I’d had my own bathroom, which I must say I have the most gratitude for, as I can safely say I will no longer share a bathroom! (Apart from with Dean obviously.) The people I lived with were very clean, so I was lucky enough to have a clean kitchen. But, you have no idea how much I look forward to having MY OWN KITCHEN! The problem for me, with a house share, is that I was often worried about taking over the kitchen when other people wanted to use it. I also like my own space to cook in, as I’m super clean and don’t even like making my own mess- as you can imagine I’d be a pain to live with in a house share! I was pretty good at avoiding, rather than instruct people to keep the kitchen as clean as I liked- but I was lucky in the sense of whom I lived with and they shared similar principles.

Manchester City Centre

Dean and I were really early for our train from Manchester, so when we were sipping coffee at the cafe on Oxford Road station, we met a delightful lady, whom we discovered was also from Sheffield and waiting for the same train. We got to share with her our moving situation, which is always an amazing thing to announce these days (as I’ve been waiting SO long to say those words). The lady turned out to be an artist, so as you can imagine, Dean was keen to discuss his projects with her and invited her to see his next exhibition at the Forum Cafe in April. It was a very long day and we were so tried on the train home and just dumped all the bags as soon as we got in so we could just eat and chill out for the night.

TODAY we sorted out the stuff which was now all at Dean’s student flat. We had to box up, bag and pack away, just keeping out the convenient stuff that we need before Wednesday. Dean’s room is now SO CLEAN and although there are boxes and bags, they are STACKED NEATLY and in order, so I can live with that- but most importantly, the desk is clear and everything is pretty much ready to go go GO! This weekend will now consist of relaxing, blogging, editing and Dean and I enjoying each others company before I turn into Monica again on Wednesday and require “German subtitles” (Friends ref.)… And of course EASTER! Happy Easter everyone! Dean and I are going to be decorating eggs like the big kids we are- really what’s the difference between big kids and creative minds???

So much to pack- but it all got done!

Thank you so much for reading, lovely people and have a fantastic Easter break! Hope this beautiful Spring weather keeps up so we can all worship the Sun!

All the best,

Heather ^_^





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