March Favourites

Welcome to my March favourites! Just a short blog, as I don’t really have many new purchases or anything this month, apart from our new furniture and stuff for the new home! This will all be in a separate blog after my Countdown to Adulthood series is complete. I have really enjoyed March; this is mainly because we had our apartment secured and had lots of plans to look forward to. March, of course is home to the first day of Spring, which is something I love to celebrate- new beginnings and positive change is symbolized are among my many reasons for celebration! Easter is a lovely holiday, with the bright weather upon us, a break from school or work and providing more opportunities for socializing and visiting family. I guess, with my March, the best was saved until last; today is the day we move into our new home and I officially become a Sheffield resident!

Egg Decorating on Easter Sunday

With that pretty much summing up my adventures of the month, here are the few things that I have been getting into throughout March:

1. The Walking Dead

I know I’m very late with this, guys, but Dean wanted to re-watch this series to catch up to series 6 (the new season), so I decided to join him and of course I’m addicted! I didn’t think I would be so obsessed with a zombie-themed show, as I normally see zombies as a boring cliche for horror and I’m more a fan of creepy/ paranormal stuff- however this is an interesting series based on survival! Many of you whom watch the show may understand when I say that I’m OBSESSED with Daryl Dixon! He is just the most invincible badass of a machine ever! He knows how to survive and he can take out mass amounts of dead or alive gangs on his own! He is the ultimate companion in a zombie apocalypse. Dean and I keep making these comments while watching, like “things to check before you leave: keys, wallet, Daryl!”-you know, just in case something kicks off. So, yeah I’m really enjoying The Walking Dead and I’m now half way through series 5- very close to catching up to the new season!

(Image from Google Images)

2. Dungeons & Dragons

If you aren’t a gaming nerd, you may not be aware of Dungeons & Dragons (or D&D). As I happen to live with one, I soon discovered what it’s all about and I’m not going to lie, I did make fun of Dean initially because I thought it all sounded a bit much to me. However, if you like fantasy, are in touch with your child mind and have a good imagination, I must say it’s worth a try! I only went once, created an amazing (Daryl inspired) badass character and got on really well with the friendly bunch in the game store and now I’ve joined! It’s such a great way to escape reality and leave every day worries outside while you enter a land of magic, warriors and mythical creatures! Turns out I’m a bit of a nerd really 🙂

3. My new T-shirt Crochet Pot:

Alright, so I have literally just bought this just before the move, thinking I can keep my jewelry or something inside it and keep it on my dressing table, if I decide to get one. This lovely pot is covered in crocheted t-shirts! I couldn’t believe it when I first saw that this was in fact made with them. I found this in a little craft store on Abbeydale Road, where Dean happened to inquire about workshops, which they run from there. I may have to update you on that, as I’m sure we will return as there were plenty of cute little crafty pieces and Dean actually purchased an ornamental deer antler for £1.50! Bargain!



4. Daffodils!

One of my favourite Spring flowers has to be daffodils! I don’t know what it is about them, but they just make me smile whenever I see them dancing in the wind in their little clumps. To me, it almost sounds like they are happily giggling and so happy to be up and about at this beautiful time of the year. They remind me that it is almost or already early Spring and that amazing things are about to happen, even if I don’t know it. Such a bright, cheerful and inspirational flower- carry on your merry ways, you giddy little beauties 🙂


There we have a little summary of my March highlights- I’m sorry there wasn’t many specific faves, however I’m sure there will soon be hauls galore when I soon get excited about sharing my new furniture and homely items! Thank you for reading! And please let me know YOUR OWN favourites this month 🙂

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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