At Long Last: Countdown to Adulthood #7

Hello everyone and thank you for baring with me as I have undergone this big move and suffering lack of internet access within these past 3 weeks! This is my FINAL chapter to add to this series of Countdown to Adulthood. I am very sad that I have had such a huge break in between posts and I know this could have been handled differently, but whenever I had the internet at the library, I was using it for other priorities at the time, I hope you can understand…

BUT the internet is finally here and I can blog from the comfort of my own home once again! My to-do list seems to be longer than both my arms and legs put together right now (my arms aren’t that long), but I’m plodding on and as my second year of uni is soon to end, there will be more time to relax, decorate and enjoy my new home a lot more…


In this blog, I will be updating you all with just a couple of big highlights which has happened since and including the move to Sheffield. Obviously it’s been too long to include EVERY event, but I hope these ones will just be enough to share with you the heart-warming moments of the home-stretch of my journey into adulthood.


SO! Where to begin… I believe the last blog I posted was days before I moved from Manchester, as things were beginning to build up as I excitedly counted the final days before moving to the city of my dreams! Since then, Dean and I have a new home, our first haul of furniture, hosted my parents and a friend’s visit to Sheffield, started to decorate and best of all we have BUDGIES back in our lives once again! (I can’t wait to do an introductory post for our lovely feathered babies!) Big changes have happened and even more changes are to come as Summer draws closer and our job hunts continue…

Moving Day:


I was already staying with Dean in Sheffield with most of my possessions just before we shacked up in our lovely first home. The morning of moving day was a beautiful sun-kissed Spring day. We walked up to the new property with springs in our steps as cheerful daffodils danced to our positive melodic aura. Our friend, Em, from Dean’s art course was kind enough to help us move, with her car (something I miss having myself) all of our stuff from the student accommodation. It was a HUGE help and we would have been rather stuck without her- Thank you SO much once again Em!


When all of our stuff was inside the new apartment, it began to feel so real and I remember just standing in the empty open plan lounge as Dean and Em went to get the second load of things, looking over the skyline before us- a magnificent view which would be here to welcome us every day… I felt such a sense of gratitude and forgiveness that I’d had to wait so long for this. We couldn’t have found a better first home together.


After shifting our huge combination of possessions, we went for lunch at the little cafe in Norfolk Park where we had delicious sandwiches and chips. Simple food, but it looked like a luscious 3 course meal to me with the tiring day which had passed. Not only did we enjoy the food, but we got to see the neighboring heritage park which was right on our doorstep! All I could think was, what a beautiful place to go for a morning run and take relaxing evening walks- enjoying the nature surrounding us.

At the end of the day, I was looking forward to crashing on our new couch! I was so tired and for the first time in weeks, I was falling asleep well before midnight and even though we had to crash on the couch cushions until our sofa bed arrived, it was totally and completely blissful to fall asleep in a place which was completely ours to look after…

New, feathered members of the family:


For soooo long now, Dean and I have been missing the feathery company we each grew up with during our child and teenagehood. We just couldn’t wait to gather relevant food and toys and shoot off the the pet store to select our feathery children- budgies.

We took 2 trams out to Jolley’s pet store and that’s where we each selected two cute little friendlings. I chose the one whom had been returning whistles to me since the last visit. Dean selected a yellow and green bird to which he named: Swampy Nugget (because the colours reminded him of golden nuggets in a swamp…) I called the bird I selected: Pipoca! This is Portuguese for ‘popcorn’ which I thought was extremely cute and this was a name suggested by my Brazillian friend, Cristiana! Thank you so much Cris, I absolutely love that my budgie has such a culturally interesting name 🙂 A tropical name for a tropical bird!

The tram rides home were very interesting with Dean carrying the empty bird cage and me nestling two cardboard boxes containing our precious little feathery babies, which I was so terrified of dropping! I had to keep checking to see if they were OK and that the cool wind chill or the scary noises of the tram hadn’t given them a heart attack or something! That pitter-patter of their little feet was the most relieving sound in that moment! However, we got little Pipoca and Nugget home safe and sound! They are timid little things and still not very tame, but they have settled in well to their new cage and cozy corner of the lounge, overlooking us and the TV 🙂

My Parent’s Visit:

10 Apr 2016_0277
Photo By my Dad (Richard McGowan©)

The main part of the move was over, however I had still left some things in storage back in Manchester (stuff I couldn’t haul onto the train because there was physically too many things!)  I wandered down to the train station to get my single ticket to Manchester, and travel to Swinton for the last time EVER, to meet my parents and haul the last of my things into the van and head east! For the first time, my parents would see our new home and for the first time, I would HOST MY PARENTS! If this isn’t adulthood, I don’t know what is…

We stopped for a picnic of homemade organic tomato soup (thank you Mam!) and tea halfway across the Peak District. It was the first time I had really been in the Peaks as the train obviously doesn’t pause there long enough for to absorb it completely. Driving through the Peaks on another sunny moving day was absolutely amazing! The sun glistened off the lakes as we passed and the mountains gave us all a huge welcoming hug to the Yorkshire side of the Pennines.

09 Apr 2016_0305
Photo by my Dad (Richard McGowan©)

By the time we were all unpacked and I’d finished stressing out about all the new clutter which flooded the living room and my Dad just casually strummed away on my guitar entertaining the budgies and my Mam set about serving homemade curry for us all, it was like a huge milestone for me- this is home. Even though I was stressing about everything not having a place, my understanding and helpful parents allowed me to just absorb the moment as we all sat around OUR dining table and accept that soon everything would just fall into place. Everything was going to be alright.

For the rest of my parents visit, we introduced them to Sheffield’s pubs, taking them for a Sunday roast to our beloved Red Lion, bought a few more essentials like an ironing board, hosted an evening meal in, while my parents enjoyed the local sights and activities. It was only when my parents drove off down our estate on the last morning, that I got a familiar sense of fear- like the time my Mam left me at school for the first time; this is it now, I’m here in the realm of adulthood and there is no turning back…

10 Apr 2016_0275
Photo by my Dad (Richard McGowan©)

University Commute, Job Hunt &

Moving Forward:

After Easter, I began the train journey I was looking forward to- traveling to Salford just for the day! I have to get up at 6 and stand all the way to Manchester, but it is so worth it to catch the train HOME to Sheffield at the end of the day! It was lovely catching up with my course mates and sharing the moving experience with them. Traveling from a distance means I’m more motivated to make use of my day at uni and stay in the library to work on my assignments.

I have been job hunting for a while now and it is proving to be very challenging. I’m going to be honest and say that this had caused possibly the most anxiety about moving. Even though I know I’m supported, I can’t stress how important I feel it is to earn my own living and have that security in life. Registering with energy and water suppliers, setting up broadband and even having a home landline are all reminders of my growing responsibilities. Not to mention our little birdies, and our responsibility to keep them alive and happy!

Happy Daffs always make me feel good ^_^

I have recently contacted The Coaching Academy about my application for the Diploma I with to pursue very soon! I aim to complete this over the Summer around my job (where ever that will be) so I can start my own Coaching business. I am so excited to begin this and see where it takes me. Like this move, it has been talked about for so long and it’s time to put my plan into action. By using “The Wheel of Life” I have been able to keep track of my goals. I am thinking about writing a whole blog post about this, what do you think? Have you ever heard of this life-structuring tool?

So there we have it! I knew this would be a long post and I have been anticipating writing this since forever, but I just couldn’t get the head space when I was in the library for some reason. A huge thank you for coming back and reading this post! This concludes my Countdown to Adult Series- the Countdown clock has played it’s funky tune and ‘donged’ finally! My next blog posts on my life will now go back to the “LifeBlogz” category, so watch this space for the next updates 🙂

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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  1. So enjoyed reading the blog Adulthood # 7. I am sure you will both be happy in your new home with the 2 birds for company.


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