Beautiful Day for Blooming

This is rather a spontaneous blog of combustion!

I have had the urge to blog for weeks and weeks- I was so relieved to write up my last post after 3 weeks! However, the inspiration keeps coming and coming and I have these blog post ideas, but not the time to organize everything and post it in the intended order…

So, I was walking to work with a Spring in my step the other day (YES! I have a job now!) thinking to myself “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!” I really was on top of the world (literally, as I live on a big hill) with a shift ahead of me in a job I’m familiar with and enjoy, followed by tasks which need doing- I never stopped all day! After the months of dullness before moving to Sheffield, it was like the sun (and heat!) had come out to share this positive beginning with me. I did feel as thought I was blooming along with the brave flowers which had decided it was time to endure the weather, with confidence that it wouldn’t go cold again now. After all those months with no job, a course with barely any contact hours and living away from my social life, I promised myself I would never complain about being busy again- now it’s here. The busy lifestyle of adulthood I’ve been longing for since I knew I was ready to ditch the typical student life and “grow up” is here.


I’m beginning to get that satisfying feeling of “things going to plan”. I just wanted to take a moment to write about how grateful I am to have been able to plan my goals, push through challenges and actually do the things I’ve set my heart on. A couple of months ago, I wrote a descriptive piece called “Two Magpies” about their representation of joy and how these birds have inspired me along this journey- seeing them together, flying free or proudly guarding their nest- I now feel like Dean and I are those magpies I saw on top of the tree at the dawn of Spring…

I guess I’m writing this to communicate this message that you are all capable of achieving your dreams! Everyone has it in them to grow and take control of their lives. My dream is only to begin an independent life as a second year student and it’s not been easy and people have predicted that, but Dean and I only chose to listen to those whom were supportive, positive and excited for us. There were times where I felt like giving up and Dean was always the one to keep that light on for me in the dark, and remind me of our dream. Carl Rogers (founder of Person Centred Therapy) believed and researched that humans, by nature have a tendency to grow and develop which he termed the “actualizing tendency”. This means we all have it in us to blossom into whomever we want to become- it means we have the tendency to not just plan our dream but have the motivation to stick through the challenges, not give up at any hurdles because they look too high, too complicated or whatever. We have the ability to develop an intent so strong, we can push through it all and reach our nest on the hillside, or wherever you choose to settle!


I set out my goals in an assignment on my degree course called a “Personal Development Plan”. I will be honest, I was a little skeptical at first as I was stressed and had enough, being all negative and contaminated like “I’m doing the theoretical route next year, I have nothing to put into this, I’m bored of talking about me”. This, I know was a VERY pessimistic way of looking at this opportunity to reflect and set goals- which guess what, I LOVE doing, and why I have chosen to study Life Coaching over Summer. So, when I crawled out of my sorrowful state, I began to see my pathway. I then began to see why I made the decisions I did and there was a satisfying feeling when setting my short and long term goals. I can now say that I have achieved one of my short-term goals which is to be living independently with a job in Sheffield with Dean. It has all come together slowly and bits still haven’t quite sunk in, but I’m here now! I have started the next stages to achieving my next big goal, which it to become a Life Coach…

Even though Counselling is no longer the dream career I pursue, there are SO many positive aspects I have taken from the training and the theory and there will be more theory for me to come in my final year, where there is always something to learn from. I don’t believe that any learning experience is a waste of time. I have moved from going to a career of helping through healing, to aiming to help people through inspiration! This is exactly what my Personal Development Plan reflects…

So, I hope this post give you a positive buzz, even a little spark and I feel this is worth sharing. Just a little spontaneous post from a moment of inspiration from me! I hope today is a beautiful day where ever you are, and remember any day is a beautiful day for blooming 🙂


All the best,

Heather ^_^ 20150731_121619

One thought on “Beautiful Day for Blooming

  1. What a beautiful read “Beautiful Day for Blooming” was. you expressed the ups and downs we all go through but with the end results are so rewarding and no more doubts, to be proud that you CAN succeed with all your hopes and dreams . Be proud of yourself.

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