April Favourites

This has taken a while but I guess I have had rather a lot on my plate at the moment…

I am planning on doing some sort of “New Home” blog post which will feature our new home decor and what we have done with the place since moving in I guess. I would have like My New Home to be one big fat favourite, but I’m guessing it will be a fave of more than just April, but we have surely enjoyed our first month of living here and the stress has been all part of the fun! Here is what we got up to in the first couple of weeks of living in our new apartment from buying budgies to hosting my parents! It’s been exciting stuff!

So, here is the rest of my little faves of last month- things I’ve enjoyed doing or using, most things are new experiences this month!

1. Hosting

Our guest room/ Dean’s office

You have no idea how long I’ve been looking forward to being the “hostess!” Making my home look tidy, serving drinks and preparing snacks is all part of being respectful of guests and I’ve been so inspired by my Mam and anyone’s house I’ve been to and received thoughtful hospitality. I feel like guests are made to feel more comfortable when that extra effort is put in. So far, we’ve hosted a game of Dungeons & Dragons, my parent’s visit and Dean’s best friend from back home. This is another “Monica from Friends” trait I have and I can tell you the only reason we’ve not had a house warming yet is because it will be planned to perfection and I’ve not had time to sit and focus on it yet 😉

2. Having a Couch!

One of the best things about living here is having our own couch to just crash on at the end of the day, and have a TV (not just a laptop screen) to watch and a dining table to eat at! Anyone reading this whom still lives in shared accommodation will understand that these are a luxury when you just have a bedroom as your own private space. Not worrying about other people cooking when we want to eat and leaving our dishes out if we’re feeling a bit lazy with no worry of disturbing someone else. Yes, so these day to day things I took for granted at home, I am now embracing the ownership of after experiencing a rather unnatural living situation.

3. My “Make it Happen” Planner


Moving was all a bit stressful and everything felt like it was piling on top of us and I was get anxiety with all the bills and things we needed to independently arrange now. This little beauty saved my sanity and allowed me to actually break things down and figure out what to aim for on which days and set some deadlines etc. There are plenty of spaces for notes, daily timetables, shopping lists and even space for reflection and planning. I got this from Waterstones but I believe it’s also available on Amazon for £10.99 which is similar to what I paid.

4. Red Dead Redemption!

Yes! I have an Xbox 360 now as a little house warming gift to Dean and I to provide a little chill out time in between all the adult stuff we are having to do. I used to be a Playstation kid but since the new PS3 and PS4 are soooo expensive and there is so much more choice with Xbox, I went for that- but most importantly it’s the only console that has Red Dead Redemption! THE BEST GAME EVER! Not only is it something I can actually attempt the missions on properly, you get to travel by horseback! Clearly they had excellent researchers on the equine side when designing this game, meaning the horses have amazing graphics and I love just riding around looking majestic, capturing a few bandits and lassoing wild stallions! BEST GAME EVER! I also got a couple of Tomb Raider games, GTA5, Fallout 3, Assassins Creed: Black Flag and Skyrim. But RDR is definitely number one! I’m just a bit obsessed with it…

5. Traveling Via Supertram

10 Apr 2016_0279
Photo by Richard McGowan

Since moving to an area with a tram stop, we have been cruising round via the Supertram! I like to walk into town when it’s nice, but if we have a lot of bags or feeling lazy/ tired, its a nice smooth ride home. I enjoy the scenery as our tram route goes uphill like a rollercoaster ride, revealing the whole of Sheffield in all it’s glory. Also the ticket prices are pretty reasonable and you only have to wait no more than 10 minutes through the day as the service is very regular! Once again, this might be just an everyday thing for people using this mode of transport for years, but I’ve only experienced trains and on the rare occasion, buses. I do miss having a car, but trams are making it so much easier 🙂


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