Within the Eyes: Ravens of our Spirit


I was inspired to write this blog post very randomly a couple of weeks ago and it’s been on my blog post list ever since. I have always had some kind of creative obsession with eyes- using them for various lines in poetry, metaphors and video/image editing. There is something about eyes, something powerful which to me, lays deeper than a “gateway to the soul”, as suggested by Herman Melville and other similar metaphors which crop up historically from inspirational people…

In this post, I will be discussing my own interpretation of the “gateway to the soul” and what fascinates me about these deep pools of mystery which can tell us so much about each other without even having to verbally communicate.


Within My Eyes…


I believe that I always give away so much of myself through my eyes, particularly in desperate or intimate situations. By desperate, I’m not being too dramatic here, but say I was under a lot of pressure and anxiety, I often struggle to speak when this happens, but my eyes can say everything I need: “help!”, “this scares me”, “save me”, “it’s too difficult to say…” Perhaps I pass a homeless person asking me for change and I have nothing but still feel for them, in my helpless attempt I don’t speak but shake my head and send out my empathic sorrow through my eyes- they seem to know what I mean…

There have been other situations in the past where, when I haven’t found the words, my eyes knew exactly what to say: in anger, passion and fear. In my past, some time ago, I was particularly close to an individual whose identity I will keep as hidden as possible. This person in particular managed to manipulate and abuse me in ways I did not see with my internal eyes- yet when those eyes were open, they filled me with such detestation. I could not express in words what I wanted to say to this person and it probably would not have been the most appropriate thing to do, yet the last time we made eye-contact, they got it loud and clear… I have never delivered such a threatening glare and didn’t know I was actually capable of communicating what I felt within my soul through my eye- there may as well have been flames in my iris. A friend just happened to get in the cross-fire without my intentions, and later approached me asking what he’d done wrong! He thought it was something most dreadful! It appears that the person I aimed for must have got the full blast and I know it’s worked as they haven’t been able to look into my eyes ever since…

So that was anger. On the complete reversion of this effect, there have been situations, particularly at the beginnings of relationships or when a relationship changes, that I have naturally found ways to communicate with my eyes. We can sometimes feel so many things for a person but don’t know how to word it so that it makes sense to our significant other. I remember moments with my current partner in our early days, as we got to know each other, our eyes would display reflections of comfort, desire and content spirit as we just shared moments of silence. It was like we had a completely silent, unconscious discussion for 10 minutes. So our eyes have an ability to change the atmosphere and perhaps even the state of one’s aura, reflecting warmth from within ourselves.

Another occasion where I believe I passed a rather desperate message through my eyes was actually at a social event where I, unexpectedly got the center of attention. It was a pleasant occasion and everyone was being so positive, however I found myself feeling high levels of anxiety and sudden pressure in fear- I just wanted to run away and hide under the tables, I was so uncomfortable. My Mam, with whom I share a similar dislike for this kind of attention, looked at me with such mindful empathy, I felt quite emotional. It’s as if from one look I said “help me!” and the response I got was “I understand exactly what you are feeling.” This unconscious level of communication fascinates me so much, I think this calls for a little nerd out…

Within Our Eyes…


When studying Psychotherapy, I learned about unconscious levels of communication, which the therapist searches for in order to pick up more information from the client to achieve empathic understanding. Sigmund Freud (founder of Psychoanalysis) was particularly interested in the unconscious mind and any clues which lead to “repressed” memories- anything that would help him lead to a greater understanding of his patients. I also learned that the majority of communication by people is processed non-verbally, meaning clients give away SO much through their body language, including their eyes. This obviously isn’t just clients- we all send so many signals through our eyes all the time and some signals we give away without control.

When I meet or get to know people, I subconsciously gained a habit of reading their eyes (this probably originated from counselling training) which allows me a sense of their confidence, current mood or even, honesty. I’m not going to lie, I’m not the most accurate when judging a liar, as some people do learn to lie and can be pretty convincing. Please don’t pick this up wrong, I don’t actually stare at people’s eyes and analyse them within their very person. No. I tend to naturally pick up vibes, which just gives me a sense of what this person is communicating and I believe we all do this at some level- like we leak out our inner world through our eyes, unconsciously, we also take in from others without even realising we are doing it.

Within Your Eyes…



Reflecting on what I have picked up about certain people in my life, there are particular eyes I can relate with them, from the messages within their eyes, alone. Do any of these eyes belong to you?

Bright Eyes: Those with a lively, bubbly spirit have bright eyes shining with the positive nature they aim to share with the world around them. They are confident, well-presented people with a strong intent in life, and a strong spirit to guide them. Bright eye-ed people love to be there for others in a motivational and optimistic way, dancing through life like joyful butterflies in a Summer breeze.

Eyes of Zen: People whom possess Zen within their eyes, have a calming, positive spirit, often accompanied with a strong essence of wisdom. They cherish life and live mindfully, sharing their life experience with others as a form of helping. These are the eyes you can instantly feel warm when looking into and they have great ability to deliver empathy effectively. I have seen many Eyes of Zen within my counselling training and also from my Karate dojo.

Fearful Eyes: Appearing perfectly content on the outside, yet there is no hiding secret fears and anxieties within a distant, fearful stare of these eyes. Sometimes the fear is unknown to themselves. Eyes which, every so often appear startled, like a small animal in the headlights; these eyes reflect a person whom sometimes lose their direction in the light beam and confidence in themselves. Despite the glint of fear in the eye, these brave souls bury their heavy feelings and have the strength to march on through life with a most natural smile, and a strength to hold up those around them- leaving a hurtful past where it belongs.

Restless Eyes: Forever flicking from brief focus to brief focus, these energetic eyes don’t know when to stop. Often too fast to be mindful, the owners of these eyes can just go on and on without need for rest. The fast pace suits them and there is always someone they can help out by sharing their infinite energy. These most selfless souls are nurturing, forgiving and their eyes are always searching for something they can do to help. Bless the Restless Eyes for playing your part in the universe.

Restful Eyes: Eyes which tell a life-long story, even if they are still youthful. These eyes hold wisdom, experience, warmth and nurture. For these are eyes whom have played their part, however hurtful, or however exciting, they have at some stage possessed the energy Restless Eyes retain. Reflecting mountains, now climbed, mighty river, now ridden and forest fires, now doused. The souls reflected in these eyes have been through everything and now live the peacefully in the Zen garden, their paths have lead them to- embracing the natural world around them for the first time…

Eyes of Mystery: Now comes the most interesting and forever changing eyes. Sometimes they look fearful, sometimes they look content, but most of the time when you get to know them, they are by far the most intense, deep pools of mysterious wonder you will ever experience. When they love you, you feel it deep within, so intense you feel it like an eternal flame.When they envy you, it slices your psyche with an icy glare. When they avenge you, they hunt you down with deadly intent. When they protect you, they stop at nothing to ensure your happiness from the layers of passion within them. Mysterious eyes are a gift, yet the reason behind them tells a story you may rather not wish to be part of…


Please bear in mind that these are interpretations I have picked up from MY OWN experience- I am not a psychologist or diagnostician of any kind. I may have had particular individuals in mind which fit perfectly to the kind of eyes, described, yet your eyes may say something completely new! Or even form a combination of the eyes above.

Whatever your eyes are reflecting to the world, each has their place and are as unique as the individual soul behind them. They are precious, insightful and inspirational messengers that are part of our body, yet the closest we see of our unique spirits surrounding us. Therefore, I guess my own metaphorical definition of the eyes would be: “Ravens of our Spirit”. Ravens being messenger birds and eyes possessing the ability of a messenger- from the realms of our Spirit to the outer world…


Thank you so much for reading this post. I would be so interested in your contributions and insight of what this brings up for you. What eyes do you believe you have? What do you learn from eyes? How would you define the ability of our eyes?

All the best,

Heather ^_^





5 thoughts on “Within the Eyes: Ravens of our Spirit

  1. So enjoyed the Within the Eyes.you have so much depth of feeling in your own interpretation of others. I feel you will do so much good in the profession you have chosen in helping others.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful read, love the level of detail – guess you could say, it was pleasing for the eyes πŸ˜‰
    In my artwork, I draw a lot of eyes big and small. You have inspired an idea to me for my next art project, I feel as though this idea will be very effective. Thank you very much. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I got bullied a lot in school. Whilst i was being bullied, i was self-harming and suffering from depression, yet no one saw that. People only saw what was on the outside. No one ever looked straight into my eyes and saw what was going on deep within my mind. I so badly wanted someone to look into my eyes and like you said, eyes are the window to the soul. It’s what gets me with mental illness. People see someone with a broken leg and immediately they recieve sympathy and the world suddenly stops for them yet with mental health such as depression, bipolar, anxiety etc no body sees it because it’s not visable. People look at me and see a regular girl, but i would give anything for someone to look straight into my eyes and see what life is like for me. Eyes say a lot but no one takes any notice of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for being so brave as to share this experience on my blog Bronwyn. I hope you find people in your life whom can read the messages in your eyes and they pay attention to you- it sounds awful what you have been though xx


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