May Favourites

Hello! Hope you all have an enjoyable Bank Holiday Weekend. Welcome back to another monthly favourite and this indicates I’ve been blogging for 5 months now! WOW! 2016 is flying by 🙂 I hope you have enjoyed the month of May as much as I have- there have been lots of things going on-big and small…

1. New Job

So this month I got back into the swing of working life! If there is one thing a job gives you which I need to keep sane, it’s routine! For this reason, work is going in my favourites this month. I work at a deli bar in the city centre, primarily corporate catering due to it’s location and also means I still get weekends to myself- meaning I can plan things ahead easier, which is a complete bonus to me! Catering is something I used to do back home in Cumbria so the work is very familiar but when I first started I was kind of rusty, trying to get back into the flow. It reminded me how much I enjoy a little job like this, keeping busy and serving people 🙂

2. My New Bags!


I have had an obsession with wanting a proper handbag or a “nice” bag that goes with pretty much anything. So I first of all got a spontaneous buy in Primark- my little blue handbag, which is just perfect if I’m just nipping out somewhere and carries my keys, phone and wallet. I wasn’t so sure at first but now I’m in love with it! So thank you Dean for letting your impatience get the better of you and telling me to just GO TO THE CHECKOUT! My other bag I found in a store at Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre called DOMO. They just happened to be having a clearance: buy one, get one half price, get one FREE thing going on. So when I found the handbag of my dreams, I took advantage of the bargain by getting Dean a wallet and card holder 🙂 All 3 for under £25, I was a happy bunny! I just wanted a larger bag that I could take on days out that holds more things without having to take a back pack. I used to love back packs, however I just thought it got annoying to take off your bag every time you want to get out your phone or wallet. So, I’m joining the rest of you girls by using a handbag now! 🙂

3.Early “Hot Days”

Dean & I enjoying refreshing drinks on the balcony

So I guess there has been fewer than more “hot days” but the ones that came, or whenever a mild evening happened, we would just embrace it. The day this image was taken we had been for lunch in the park cafe and enjoying the sun on our little balcony. The only let down was that I had an assignment deadline I was frantically trying to meet on one of the hot days. Such a shame I couldn’t just be outside! Being outdoors, wearing light clothing, making cool lemon waters are all part of my faves of a hot day and being all Summery! Here’s to more “hot days” in June!

4. Starting My Coaching Journey!


If you have read my earlier post in May, you will know that I have started my Coaching Diploma in Personal Performance! More about how I got into Coaching HERE. I was SO excited to start this and I have been enjoying each little activity and practice since.


5. My Rice Cooker

I have been banging on about getting a rice cooker since before I moved in with Dean. FINALLY, this month I purchased one! I have made the best egg fried rice ever and vegetarian chilli with quinoa- much easier and quicker than on the hob! I plan on finding more things to cook and if any of you have any suggestions please bring forth my way! I love this little gadget and can see why Asians praise it so much 🙂

6. Owning a proper make-up set!

I have had some sort of make-up set for a while, but I felt it wasn’t complete enough as I had no proper brushes, means of storage etc. I now have a brush set, not only foundation but BB Creme, concealer, contour/highlight palette, eye-liner pen, nail polish and lipstick! Yes girls, I previously didn’t have that much make-up at all- be ashamed. However, I think this is the first time in my life that I have actually wanted a full make-up set rather than just eye make-up. I must be like a woman or something… Anyway, I don’t plan to wear make-up every day but at least I know there is a supply there if I want to go out or put a face on like I did on this spontaneous cinema date from this month (ft. my first attempt at contouring):

7. My on-the-go glass water bottle

So, I was getting a little fed up of my plastic bottle cracking (plus Dean has been through 2 plastic infuser bottles too) and I thought, may as well splash out on a glass bottle that might actually last! I am chuffed with this thing! It goes perfectly in my new large handbag which helps as it’s kind of heavy. I got it from Paperchase and it just happened to have a discount that I was unaware of so it was only £10.50 instead of £12  🙂 It’s important to keep hydrated and I usually forget to drink, especially on the go, but it’s not like I can forget this is in my bag!



I guess that’s it for this month. Hope you had a joyful May and that June brings more exciting things and “hot days” which last longer 🙂

All the best,

Heather ^_^


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