Yorkshire Cosplay Con Adventures:Summer Blogz #3

So, I took a spontaneous trip to YCC which is hosted here in Sheffield! We happened to have a friend visiting from Cumbria that weekend and Dean was at work all day on the Saturday, so what a better way to spend the day, than a spontaneous YCC trip for two girls into all things kawaii ^_^

The night Shivvy, our friend from home arrived, it wasn’t very welcoming weather and she had driven a long way to see us which we completely appreciate! All of this and she arrived baring a few years supply of Manga reading for us! This girl is a star ^_^

I met Shivvy through Dean and we completely clicked, especially as we share the same enthusiasm for Japanese culture. After all of the moving, job hunting and finally getting in a place where we need to be, I had lost touch with my love for this particular area of my life and a good delve into the convention brought everything back that I loved! We had so much fun stalking Deadpool and having our pictures with him, buying gifts and I even picked up some cute ducky hair clips for myself ^_^


At the end of the day, Shivvy recognized Kelsey Ellison, a YouTuber and singer/performer. We watched her show and got to meet her afterwards which was amazing! As someone just starting out with YouTube, it was so lovely to meet a really successful creator. I found Kelsey on YouTube through Noodlerella, whom I’ve been following for over a year 🙂


After the convention, we decided to go surprise Dean at his new work in Meadowhall as well as do a bit of cheeky shopping while we waited for him to finish his shift. I guess it was quite a girly day- but Japanese girly. I much prefer their idea of girly and it being more about “cuteness”. I don’t normally get to hang out with girl friends and have days like this as most of Dean and I’s friends here that we see more regularly are male or a mixed group, so this was a little treat. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, but since my best friend Nicola introduced me to more of the kawaii culture, I found a girly side that likes to be satisfied once in a while- or maybe I’m just growing up ^_^

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just a short little update there and thought this blog would be more about the pictures as they show more of the convention. I also took some videos on my phone as I didn’t have my vlogging cam on me so I will try get that edited as soon as I can!

Thank you for reading and I will be back very soon!

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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