June Favourites


1. My lovely coaching clients ^_^

I have just started my Coaching Diploma with The Coaching Academy and they encourage us students to start practicing our skills right away via some complimentary coaching. I just want to thank my clients for allowing me to get started so quickly- I am really enjoying our sessions and I do hope they are most beneficial 🙂

2. Human Japanese (Mobile App.)


So this month, I spontaneously decided to download something that would actually help me learn Japanese! I have wanted to learn it for so long and I felt useless when I actually went to Japan a few years ago and could only say “Good Afternoon”, “Thank you”, “Yes”, “Please” and some pretty irrelevant Karate etiquette such as “I respect my past”. I really got into it on my train journeys, as I have made a couple this month and it really helps me pronounce the phrases correctly as well as providing some interesting history about the language and calligraphy.

3. Visitors from the North Lakes

So this month, we have been lucky enough to have visitors, both friends and family! Absolutely a highlight of the month was YCC (Yorkshire Comic Con), keeping with the Japanese theme. I’m so happy I went along to this event with Shivvy, a friend of Dean’s from back home. Unfortunately Dean had work all day, but Shivvy and I spent the day at this event and had an amazing time, meeting Deadpool, Baymax and YouTube star and performer, Kelsey Ellison!

My family, parents and grandparents all came down to Sheffield for a day while they were staying in North Yorkshire for their Summer holiday. It was lovely to show them around our new home, which they have all supported Dean and I to get where we are 🙂


Finally, at the end of this month, two of my best friends, Jess and Nicola came for a short weekend stay and we had so much fun (even though the weather was a bit unpredictable) going shopping, chilling at the apartment and then going out for a taste of the night life, which I don’t actually do much of these days, so it was a nice change.


4. Manga

Why not have another Japanese themed fave in here! Our friend, Shivvy, whom came along with me to YCC, gave us a large Manga collection! (Thank you again! ^_^) This tempted me to once again become obsessed and I delved into the Vampire Knight series first. I have seen some of the Anime already, so I thought it would be interesting to read the Manga too 🙂 Once I have read more, I will go through the collection and do a post on it ^_^


5. My Pixie Cut!

OK, this just had to be in there! One of the biggest changes I have made to my appearance this month and certainly a great decision. I love having a pixie and have actually been more chilled out since I sent my pony tail to the Little Princess Trust and embracing this new look. So far I don’t miss my long hair at all! I was told when people get a pixie, they either love it or hate it. I most definitely LOVE it! Love it as in, I can’t believe I’ve never considered this before and never want to grow my hair out again. For now, I’m happy to be a shortie for the long term ^_^


6. My Cuckoo Clock

Just slipping this in at the end as it just arrived as I was finalizing this post. I have wanted one of these babies for so long and now this lovely clock sits proudly on my wall, cuckooing every hour. The little bird is so cute when it pops out of the little doors! Look forward to enjoying it for a while 🙂


And that is it for this month! Looking forward to July and what it may bring. I hope you have all had a happy and fulfilling June. Until next time…

All the best,

Heather ^_^



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