Why I got a Pixie Cut

For those of you whom have been following me on social media, you may notice I have a fair few inches missing from my locks. YES, I went for the biggest and most different cut ever! Moral of the story: sometimes a big change can make a big difference and in a very positive way 🙂


Truth is, I hadn’t really seriously considered a short cut very long before I actually decided to go for it. I knew I was serious because the obsession with Google images started- looking for the ideal cut to suit my wild curly mane. I then began to make two mental lists on the walk to work. I could only think of a few reasons to keep my long hair and those were that it look me so long to grow it as far as I have and wanted it way longer as it was beginning to feel like an in between sort of mid cut compared with the length I wanted it. The other was that I was scared I didn’t have the face for short hair or that I would look too mature. On the other hand, my list for going short was 16 reasons plus and I kept thinking of more throughout the day. It was at this point where I was actually getting excited about it and that’s when I knew what I wanted, so I went ahead and made the appointment…

I asked my friend, India for a salon recommendation and she told me about Laundry for hair, on Arundle Street near Hallam University and that they would sort me out. She was absolutely right! It’s been so long since I’ve been to a salon and this had to be the most professional stylist I have ever had. His name was Gary and I only had to show him two pictures  of the kind of pixie I wanted. It didn’t take him long at all to get the idea and soon I was getting my pony tail chopped off (as I was donating to the Little Princess Trust). I know a lot of people get a good chat from their stylist when they go to the salon, however I didn’t really want to interrupt Gary as he looked so focused and in the zone. I was also fascinated to watch him completely transform my look! As it was cut wet, I anticipated the dry reveal and once the texturing was done, I was so pleased with the overall shape and style! I looked so different and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I actually suited it. It was as if my stylist just knew how I wanted it and he just worked with what he had to make me the most satisfied hair client I’ve ever been 🙂

It’s not just the look that is different. For the following days, I became so content and held a really strong feeling of release. It really is amazing how much difference a hair cut really can make you feel. I felt confidence, positive, light and content. I feel like I have changed as a person since I moved to Sheffield and I am still changing. The hair I was growing through the early stages of my university life reflected that and now it was time to take what I have learned for that experience and let go, making way for this new chapter which mainly consists of my Coaching Journey! I guess I just feel like Heather the Coach would have short hair- that was her thing.


Whilst I was highly considering the idea of being an official “Pixie”, my research consisted of YouTube videos of girls sharing their own experience of going shortie look for the first time. They went through their pros and cons, mainly rounding off on the idea that you will either love it or hate it- I most definitely love it and on some level, I knew I wouldn’t regret it. I generally tend to make quick decisions. I don’t mean thoughtlessly spontaneous; I mean those big decisions that some people will ponder over for weeks and months. I tend to hate the idea of a decision dragging on and on. I’ve realized that if I really want something I will decide to do it pretty quickly. If not, I will just say no right away or end up putting it off…

So, one of the YouTubers I was inspired by was Summerseesstars (link HERE) and she just got me really excited to cut all my hair off and embrace this, I guess you could say ironically, feminine experience. For one thing, I have never been so excited about hair accessories in my life! And hats! I mean I’ve always loved them but now my hair actually suits them 🙂 Another joy my pixie brought me was that when I went running in hot weather, there was no hair flopping in my face and getting in the way- and best of all, it was very speedily washed!


Summerseesstars helped me get over one of my biggest peeves I thought I’d have about short hair and that was “looking like a boy” (and being mistaken for one!) which happened last time I had short hair- but it wasn’t a pixie cut! This cut has a beautiful way of giving us girls a cute look rather than the stereo type of short hair being associated with butch girls and lesbians. I loved the thing that a lot of these pixie Youtubers picked up on- being that girls with short hair stand out! For anyone who knows me already, you will know I like to be different in my own subtle ways. This was a HUGE tick when deciding to go short and I love the feeling  of being different.

Another point ALWAYS brought up with short haired girls is the usual “will I look like a lesbian”. It didn’t take long for a rather young member of the public to try and ask me (she was a bit too shy and probably prompted to asking by her friend) if I was gay. I found this adorable that a child was curious enough to ask if I was “with” my friend I was standing next to. I’d probably rather she thought I was a lesbian than a guy anyway! I have the same response as Summer (from YouTube); I don’t find being mistaken for a lesbian offensive at all. I mean, would gay people be offended if they were mistaken for being straight? I guess this experience just made me more reassured that I’d make the right decision 🙂


So that was my little story of why I got rid of my long hair. I am still not missing it and actually stand by my phrase which stuck in my head not long after my hair appointment “I’m never growing my hair again!” Well, never say never, but for now I’m a happy little Pixie, getting excited about hair accessories and hats and clothes that look cute with short hair ^_^

My hair was donated to the Little Princess Trust. More information about who they are and what they do on their website 🙂


Thank you for reading! Have you ever had a Pixie cut? Or still have one? Comment on why you prefer short hair below or why you could never get rid of long hair…

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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