Here I go, on my own: My Coaching Journey #1

So this is the beginning of my Life Coaching Journey!

I have already done quite a bit, however I feel this was the best place to start as now the journey is feeling very real as I have regular practice clients that I see on a weekly- fortnightly basis and I have attended two live training days and met local coaches at my coaching community 🙂


Last weekend, I took my first overnight trip away on my own to a strange place within realms of the South and on the edge of the English capital. This was my second taste of live training for my coaching diploma with The Coaching Academy in the beautiful Beaumont Estate in Windsor, Berkshire. I left Sheffield feeling excited deep down, but anxious that I wouldn’t catch my connection, actually find the hotel and not get intimidated by people on the way… Those limiting beliefs were soon put away…


What can I say about how warm (not just temperature-wise) my first experience of traveling alone in Berkshire was. On the train, two lovely young lads, around my age sat and chatted to me along the route towards Egham after I’d changed trains at Reading. I honestly don’t know where some people get the fantasy that this only happens in the North. Maybe in London this is strange, but Berkshire is on London’s doorstep and guess what? People were being friendly! I guess my “Positive Mental Attitude” was working out here and my eyes were open to positive people on the way 🙂 These guys weren’t the only friendly people I chatted to as if I knew them. The taxi driver kept my spirits high as he drove me to the hotel, telling me about his little Yorkshire terriers. All of this just kept a smile on my face and I certainly didn’t feel like I was on my own. Everyone at the hotel was pleasant and smiley- it was just a magical place (not just physically) so I guess at this hotel there was a lot to be happy about 🙂

When I was told that they changed my room, I was expecting bad news, but I actually upgraded to a family room, meaning much more space and a HUUUUGE bed just for me! Shortly after giving Instagram a quick update on my situation, I headed to the bar for some supper and cheeky glass of wine. This, once again was new to me! Eating alone in a restaurant is something I’ve never done and actually feared quite a bit in the past. I have never felt so grown up until it occurred to me that I was dining for one, with a pizza and glass of red wine in front of me.


I did miss Dean’s company throughout this stay, and kept thinking “oh he would love this wine” or “this would be his ideal breakfast”. However much I would have liked Dean to be there, I just knew that me doing this completely alone was reassuring- that I really want this, I’m doing it for a reason and that it is for me because I know I will be good at it.

The following morning after breakfast, I went for a walk in the grounds. This was a beautiful and mindful experience. The trees were decorated with faces and there was an “enchanted woods”. I’m such a sucker for features like this and this really got my day of to a positive start as I calmly strolled through the forest, absorbed in nature and smiling inside and out- I was more than ready for today!






Before the training started, I met the two ladies I had met previously on my first training day and we were able to discuss our journeys from up North (as they live in West Yorkshire) and how lovely this venue is. The room where we were based had amazing facilities! Extra TV screens further back so that we could all see the slides clearly, speakers in the ceiling, Kris Robertson, our trainer, was miked up properly and the seats were amazingly comfortable! I must say The Coaching Academy are very professional and I look forward to more training days and CPD with them once I qualify as I couldn’t get enough of all this!

For lunch, we all got to have some of the delicious food that the hotel provided with a good selection of mains and deserts in a buffet style. Lunch and coffee breaks provided time for us to network with other coaches and discuss our experiences so far on our coaching journeys! I met a lot of people from London and nearby areas. My fellow Yorkshire friends  seemed to be the only ones from North of Birmingham that I met. This was pretty much the home turf of The Coaching Academy though- most of their courses are held in Buckinghamshire or London. I could get used to traveling down here though as it is a beautiful part of the country.


When the day came towards an end, unfortunately I made a quick exit 5 minutes early to ensure my taxi was here to get me to the station for my train to Reading. I would have loved to have stayed another night just so I had more time to chat and actually thank Kris in person as I thoroughly enjoyed his training and the way he teaches which is so engaging and enthusiastic! I have gained so much from this training day and I am excited to try out what I have learned with my clients. Although I was sad to be leaving, knowing that I had a lot of miles ahead of me, I felt a sense of achievement and satisfaction. So this is how it feels to learn something I really am passionate about and go to travel as far as I have to pursue it…

The journey home seemed endless and before I left Reading, I just had to grab a Starbucks Lime Cooler before I faced a train full of people in my rather tired, dehydrated state. This drink actually cooled me down so much, I was shivering in the wind as I waited on the platform, clutching my drink with icy fingers. Once on the train to Sheffield, I could finally relax, knowing I’d got through the trip and ended up in the right places and got the right trains- it was a successful adventure! All I wanted was my couch and to be able to lie down horizontally rather than squished up in an airline seat with minimal positions I could sit in. I filled in my learning records on the way as well as my personal journal I am keeping to reflect on my experience of training as a coach.

It was after 10.30pm when the train finally pulled up in Sheffield station. I was so tired, dehydrated once again, hungry with a headache but it was totally worth traveling the miles to a place which has effectively changed me and allowed me to grow. By being part of an enthusiastic group of coaches, sharing their positive experiences and singing the praises of this inspirational industry, has certainly reinforced my passion and reassured me that I have made the right choices and this is the best thing for me to pursue.


Thank you for reading this introduction post to my Life Coaching Journey series and I look forward to sharing with you my next steps in future and how far I have come along as I continue to chase this dream 🙂

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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