Time to Reflect: Summer Blogz #4

Mid July already! Wow, it sure feels like I was just sitting down to announce my summer plans to you all and getting excited about beginning my Coaching Journey!

So what has happened since I had a spontaneous Japan/ Anime fix at Yorkshire Comic Con? To begin with, I’d like to reflect on a couple of visitors I had back in June. Firstly, on Father’s Day, my family came down to visit for the day while they were on holiday in North Yorkshire for the week. We had a lovely meal at The Forum on Devonshire Street and then had a little wander round the city before heading up to our apartment as the weather didn’t look too trust-worthy. It’s the first time I had seen my family all in a home environment since Christmas and that is a rare thing for me- I had gotten so used to the fact that my family were close as I was growing up, that I didn’t see this happening! It really makes me appreciate the little time we have and how much my family has done for me in order to get me where I am today. Their love and support of Dean and I is greatly appreciated and it makes me feel so lucky to have them, no matter how far away we live from each other. I look forward to my parents’ next visit in the near future and having a bit more time to spend fishing, walking and all things we have enjoyed doing together in previous Summers 🙂



My next visitors arrived just after I’d chopped all my hair off (post about this here) and they wouldn’t have recognized me if I hadn’t sent a picture. My best friends, Jess and Nicola came down to stay for a weekend- the first time they’ve been to Sheffield since I moved here. We made the most of our time, lunching at COSMO all you can eat international buffet, chilling at my apartment and finally spending the night out, ending up at Corporation dancing to many 80’s hits.


It was so lovely seeing you Jess and Nicola, thanks so much for traveling all the way down here for a much needed catch up! As much as I love living here in Sheffield, I do miss old friends and being able to make last minute plans and spending quality time together. This time last year, I was frantically making plans with friends and squeezing everything into my last Summer in Cumbria, for the simple reason I knew how much I would miss my friends like CRAZY! Can’t wait to see you again!

I guess another highlight so far this Summer would be the long-awaited house warming party at the beginning of this month. It took 3 months but in the end we threw together a lovely themed party for our new friends here in Sheffield. It was a “Fashion of the Decades” party, so guests were encouraged to dress up as if they were going to a party in various decades. In the end I went for the 70’s and Dean was a Mod. We had some interesting fashions, including a 70’s maths teacher and an 18th Century gent- with the white wig and everything! Well done for the effort and thanks once again to everyone who came.


For the first time in my life I had 100% responsibility for a buffet! This should not be allowed. I nearly gave myself a panic attack in ASDA getting all the food myself and weighing myself down with so many bags I physically couldn’t carry them to the tram stop so had to get a cab last minute. If anyone knows me, you may know I get very anxious shopping on my own anyway, so imagine my stress levels as I tried to shop for party guests! I clearly went overboard, worrying there wouldn’t be enough food, the supermarket was busy and I felt like center of attention as I struggled to pack my bags fast enough for the growing queue behind me. I just wanted to die. It sounds pathetic to anyone used to shopping for a family on their own, but for me, for some reason I always get anxiety in the supermarket- but, the positive bit, I did it! I also didn’t dwell on it for very long either! I just called a taxi and carried on preparing for the party 🙂

Apologies for poor quality photos, but to be honest, we were so busy chatting, playing games and having fun that we almost forgot to take any evidence that this happened! Really enjoyed spending time with all of you whom turned up, it was such great fun and the stressful shopping was totally worth it! I hope you all enjoyed the typical traditional stodgy buffet of the late 20th Century- we all love a typical buffet don’t we!?

Moving Forward…

So as the temperature rises here in mid-July, I am well into my work/ study/ housework routines as well as getting in my coaching client hours in the evenings. I don’t want to talk too much about my Coaching life as I have already started a new series for this very subject (link here!) All I can say is I’m almost half way after completing 3 out of 6 live training days, one assessment booked and 4 regular clients to see.

I wish I was announcing a holiday this Summer, however, with Dean working full time and me getting all the live training days under my belt for coaching, I can’t see us booking anything more than a little weekend away. Traveling is important to me, and very recently I have been doing a lot of traveling alone- this includes my trip down to Berkshire for one of my training days with The Coaching Academy. Once again, I have gone into this in more detail on this bog post. I guess this Summer is about productivity, as we are at that point in life considering our future plans and careers, saving money where we can. All I can say is, October onwards is going to be tough, as our final years of Uni face us. My aim is to get my live training days and the majority of coursework written up, so that I am mainly focusing on practical elements of my coaching course so there is more time for the theory of my university work.

My final year will be in Counselling & Pyschotherapy Theoretical Studies. After realizing that I feel much more competent in the Coaching industry, I decided that the theory route for my degree was the best option for me. With no placement or practical elements to do, I felt like I could balance the Dissertation better and also I realized that right now, I don’t feel that I can be a Counsellor. Sometimes these big decisions in life lead you closer to even bigger decisions and it is safe to change paths along the way. I have learned to trust my instincts, therefore I encourage anyone else to do the same. If a decision is difficult, think about how you would feel at the result of either decision- which ever one leaves you most positive and content, that’s definitely the way to go!


SO this has been a long one! I guess I have a lot to say when the boiling temperatures are sucking up all my energy to do other things and I just sit down to write. 20160709_090901.jpg

ONE MORE THING: I have been TRYING (I know, awful word and shame on me as a Coach, but this just proves that “try” is a setting up to fail word ) to get my vlogs uploaded and just not prioritizing the time to edit and I am ridiculously behind, but they will be uploaded when I find a spare minute when I want to edit. HERE are the ones I have so far if you want to check out my channel 🙂

THANK YOU so much for reading this much needed reflection. If you are interested in the subjects I covered, the links to my posts are in the relevant paragraphs.

All the best,

Heather ^_^




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