A Productive Day: My Coaching Journey #2

There is nothing in this world feels more satisfactory than a productive day!

Since prioritizing my coaching qualification, I can’t say that my life has been running smoothly everywhere. There are areas in my life which I feel need addressing, healthy eating being one of them. After another visit from my parents, I was reminded yet again how much more prepared I can be with the way I prepare meals and snacks. This was something I thought would just come to me when I had my own place…

Nothing comes by magic. If you want something to change, you need to take the necessary steps in order to get it done. For me, I guess I’m still adjusting to adult life and have other priorities right now. Dean, my partner, often reminds me that I need to give myself a break. We both have jobs, both now have business plans to spend time on and after Summer, we will both need to focus on our final year of Uni.

This Summer, I have my Coaching as my main priority and I have not failed so far on my mission to get through the coursework over this break and attend all my live training days. Coaching is not a bad thing to prioritize at all. Every time I spend a bit of time on my coursework, attend a webinar or have a coaching session, I feel so positively energetic! I feel like I can achieve anything! Yesterday, I spent a considerable amount of time on my coursework and even wrote up my first draft of my contract- this made it feel like I’m already a professional, thinking about how I’m going to run my coaching practice. This motivated me to spend a little more time on things I really want, as well as having spare time to tidy the house before Dean came home. I felt up to date and “clean”. I use this phrase internally to myself- meaning “clean” head or mind now I’ve got tasks out of the way.

Knowing I’m exactly where I want to be with my coaching goal is unbelievable. I know I can achieve goals because I’ve achieved big goals before. I can remember planning my last goal and imagining the results. Now they are a reality. I can’t wait for this coaching dream to become reality. Using coaching skills to reach this goal is even better. I could not recommend this helping method more, it has really changed my life and the way I think- I thought I was already positive but this course has seriously enhanced my positive mind already!

Just a quick little ramble here on my thoughts behind a productive day!

How do you feel about having a productive day? How to you achieve production?

I will be sharing my “Ideal Timetable” in future. Please keep following if you are interested in how to manage your time effectively and get the most out of your days- how to make them productive!

Thank you for reading!

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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