Updates: Summer Blogz #5

Welcome back to my Summer Blogz series 🙂


My last post was very reflective and since things have moved on, plans have changed, jobs have changed and our budgie, Nugget, has become best friends with us!

First of all, I just want to mention my new job. I didn’t think I would ever get so excited about being a waitress, and it sounds like a regular, normal job- BUT this is something I have always wanted to have a go at and, you know what, it’s turning out to be one of the most fun jobs I have had. To make it better, it is actually Pizza Express where I work and I can be really passionate about the food with customers. It is also a job where I get to embrace my natural drive to be a “good hostess” and be very smiley and enthusiastic, but also, genuinely enthusiastic. Definitely worth the evenings and weekend shifts so far 🙂

I realized a while ago that I wouldn’t be able to pick up enough hours at the deli where I was working to work around uni. I also wanted to work somewhere which involved a lot more customer facing interaction and less food prep. I was thrilled when I actually got through to the interview stage and even more excited when I got the job!

Here’s my interview selfie at Starbucks with my fave drink, Cool Lime Refresher ^_^

So, that’s my new job. Another lovely thing which has happened during the middle of Summer is my budgie, Nugget has decided he now feels brave enough to trust Dean and I. If you follow my social media, you will see numerous photos of a rather tame Nugget, sitting on my shoulder. He now seems to have an obsession with our heads!

It’s such a sweet feeling when such a timid little bird, once so shy, makes the decision to trust these people he lives with and accept them as his “flock”. After growing up in the company of tame budgies, it is lovely to have a bird that actually wants to fly to you and isn’t afraid of you. Dean felt a bit put out at first as he wasn’t at home to bond with Nugget as much during the time he decided to trust us. Nugget trusted me first for a few days before accepting Dean as daddy bird. I found it so interesting that we tried for so long to tame him. Then I started to take it easy after he was no longer afraid of our hands in the cage.

After tempting him to my finger with millet spray only a couple of times, that’s when, one day, Nugget sat on the entrance to his cage and started stretching his neck while I was sat on the couch next to his cage. I thought “looks like he’s going to fly”, so I just held my finger out as he chirped to me and I whistled back. He had been mimicking my whistle and that was a very good sign. When he flew to my finger, I was so excited! I wished Dean wasn’t at work- it was like our child saying his first words or walking for the first time or something. I know, I’m a bit of a bird freak and so easily excited by these fascinating little critters, but birds have a huge part of my life and is actually something Dean and I share a huge interest in.


We love this little Nugget. He’s getting to trust us more and more now and the way he mimics us is adorable. I just wanted to share this part of the Summer, as it feels like a sign that all 3 of us are now settled in our new life together.


Something I have realized this Summer, which I have also touched on in my last Coaching blog, is my reoccurring driving withdrawal symptoms recently. I have been complaining and getting stressed over public transport more and more recently, and the concept of not having a car. I feel like it’s worse that I have always been around cars and grown up with traveling independently, that I know what I’m missing now.

I have decided I’m going to get back on the road! I know people manage without cars, and, yes they are an added expense to living, but I think it’s something that’s worth it. Personally, I’m not enjoying being without my car. I was practically torn from my last car I owned, which, because I didn’t have a job in Manchester, had to give up because of the expense. It has helped me, however, I’m now willing to live the driver lifestyle once again. I think driving, to me, represents freedom, and for the kind of life I want in future, I’m going to need a car anyway.

The last update I wanted to share, is that I’ve come to a decision as to what to name my Coaching business and main YouTube channel once I relaunch it: Heather Life. This is, I guess a business name. I will put links below to my Coaching pages on social  media. I wanted something that flowed with my blog and vlogging channel on YouTube, which I’m hoping to spend more time on in future. I feel like Heather Life is personal to me, simple and pretty much sums up what I’m about, highlighting my business: Coaching.

HeatherLife Coaching: Twitter

Heather Life Coaching: Facebook


So that was just a brief update of my summery situation. I will be back very soon with some rather belated favourites!

Thank you for reading.

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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