July & August Favourites

This Summer is flying by!

I could not believe it when July was over and that I hadn’t even thought of my monthly faves :O It was getting well into August and I’ve not been buying a lot of new things as we have been saving money over Summer and I have only just got a job which has promised me more hours, therefore I’m playing it safe, really.

So, here is just a small collection of favourite things I have from July & August. It’s not a whole lot but I’m sure September will make up for it 🙂

1. Crop top & skirts

I did get a few new things after getting my new pixie cut earlier in the Summer. I felt like going for a rather different look to go with my image as a Coach and to suit my new hair. I got this crop top from Topshop when it was on sale and quickly realized that it made a cute combo with my new Primark handkerchief skirt.

2. Headbands/ Accessories

I have now accumulated a small collection of hair accessories, also to go with the pixie. I like how they can either dress an outfit up or, my bandana gives it more of a tomboy vibe- something that’s more me, even though I try out the girly look sometimes too.

3. Cafe Tier

We used to have a coffee filter machine. This, I had been using without an important part for a long time without realizing, so we decided that a traditional coffee filtering method would make more sense and take up less room in my little kitchen. I love filter coffee and have been using it quite a lot now, especially since I discovered this lovely organic Arabic coffee!

4. Yoga

After a coaching session with a colleague, I decided to actually act on my aim to start yoga in attempt to make my life healthier than it has been this year. Dean came along with me to my first class and I really enjoyed the class, teacher and zen atmosphere. The style is Hatha Yoga and there is a lot of stretching and relaxation- definitely a good thing for a young adult full of ambition at this stage of life…

5. New Handbag

So the bag obsession continues. This will be the last bag I get for a while, I swear! I just couldn’t resist getting this bag when I saw it in Primark. It was my kind of color, not too girly and pretty roomy without looking like a suitcase. This is my professional bag, I’ve decided. As I continue to make the stages of business set-up, it would look better if I had a grown-up bag to go with it ^_^

6. Dark Eyes

This is more towards the end of last month. I felt a little grungy, so decided to dig out the black eye-shadow which I haven’t used for a while. Black eyes was always my favorite make-up at school and while growing up. Grunge is my preferred fashion and I think something I actually apply best (as it’s easy to cover mistakes). I will probably wear this a lot more as we head into Autumn…


7. Girl Online: On Tour

I read Girl Online ages ago and I’ve been meaning to order this ever since I finished the first book! I finally got it and read it within a week! I absolutely love the way Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) writes and thoroughly enjoyed this book! Can’t wait to read the next one!


So that’s it until the end of next month. Thank you for taking the time to check out what I’ve been enjoying over the past couple of months!

All the best,

Heather ^_^


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