Sticking to the plan: Summer Blogz #6

I can’t believe this is my final blog of this series and that Summer is over! This Summer has flown away, just as the swallows depart and Autumn drops the temperature, I can now sit and reflect on my first Summer of being a real adult…

If you read the first blog in my series then you will know that I had made a plan for the Summer as I saw what I wanted to have in place before I go back to university to complete my degree; there were many things I wanted to achieve in order  to get things in place.

I haven’t been on holiday or spent a great deal of time having glorious Summer days out with Dean. What my number 1 focus was, was my new dream career. Something I discovered last year when I decided to start looking into it: life coaching. Now I’m not going to ramble on again about how much this career makes sense to me as it’s covered in my Coaching Journey series. After the last days of Summer, I’m happy to say that this is still my priority and I’m now getting well into the business set up stage. Now that I’ve briefly mentioned my priority focus, I can talk about what else has gone on for me and things I’ve discovered. Below are some things I wanted to achieve:

1. Complete live training days before term starts.

I’m surprised that this has gone to plan and I was worried that I was going to have to end up balancing these days with a uni timetable while working as many hours as possible, however, I’m pleased to announce that I did it! All my live training is done and now it is down to me!

2. Get part time or flexible full time work around uni.

I have had both of these! Over Summer I worked part time at an independent Deli which only allowed hours Monday to Friday. This meant I was to look for something more flexible and that’s when I applied for Pizza Express. This is the perfect job for me to work around university and earn some extra cash.

3. Regular Vlogs on YouTube!

This was one of my goals and it is only recently that I have started to catch up with everything I have documented over Summer. But it is moving forwards!

4. Revamping my main YouTube channel!

Another Summer goal. Having not actually relaunched it, I still feel I have achieved something here as I now have a name (Heather Life) and a valid reason to get back on YouTube and face my fears of presenting.

Those were the plans. Here are a few unexpected events and highlights of Summer 2016:

Getting a Pixie Cut!

I started Summer with long cork-screwed hair and ended with my locks all chopped off, and somewhere in between, I owned the shortest hair cut of my life, during one of those heatwaves we had in July! Watch the video HERE

Traveling alone like the Yuppie that I am!

This Coaching Diploma has taught me many life skills and allowed me to overcome various challenges. Traveling alone in the realms of the English capital was only one of these scary hurdles I have overcome and to my surprise, I really enjoyed my own company in Windsor, admiring the pretty English Summer scene. (My next vlog will be about this trip).

The Visit Home & Reunion!

It was so lovely traveling back to my home town for my childhood best friend’s engagement celebration and catching up with school friends. I vlogged the adventure HERE on my channel: Heather Vlogz!

Embracing in Anime!

When Shivvy, our friend from home came down to visit us and we spent the day at YCC (Yorkshire Cosplay Con) in early June. This was so much fun and I was really loving the Japanese culture at this time of year. AND I met Kelsey Ellison whose YouTube is right HERE. Can’t wait til next year!

Friends & Family in Sheffield!

This Summer, I was able to show my parents, grandparents and best friends from back home around my new home, here in Sheffield! It was so cool hosting visits and spending time with family and friends as we now live so far apart.

FINALLY the House Warming!

I’ve mentioned this last, because it felt like so long after moving, that we eventually settled down enough to host a party. I went overboard on food, music and my own wine consumption at our groovy fashion of the ages party. I also vlogged this event HERE.

So there you go. Thank you for reading this post and thank you for following my Summer Blogz series, if you have done so.

I am looking forward to Autumn (my favourite season) and this challenging final year of university ahead of me as well as the challenge of setting up a business right alongside it! Starting to feel the pressure already, but what’s life without a good challenge?

All the best,

Heather ^_^






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