Times to be Mindful

Summer is over and the Life Blogz continue. I just wanted to point out these will no longer be numbered as I no longer see the point. I want my life blogs to be a never ending series as I just feel that numbering them feels like there will be a limit somewhere. At the moment, I am all about openness, freedom and no limits. 

During September, I began to feel the overwhelming reality of my new schedule and all I have taken on. I decided I needed a break, particularly in the outdoors- that familiar feeling of the need to be in nature came back to me. So I asked Dean if we could just take a whole day out walking. We explored the local area of Hillsborough and Loxley, aiming for Damflask reservoir. The day began gloomy, yet ended as one of the most glorious days we have had all Summer- as if Summer, herself was saying her goodbyes for the year.

It was so warm, we even had a little water fight.

We were uncomfortably wrapped as we thought the temperature was dropping. I did start taking us up the wrong road, but it was Google Maps to the rescue and we had fun (well, I had fun) navigating the next land mark. I get so nerdy when it comes to maps and orienteering stuff. 

We collected conkers and acorns, reminding me that Summer was ending, but my favourite season, was only just immerging. I love Autumn; ever since I was a child, collecting beautiful leaves and conkers on my way home from school. Autumn and Spring are the closest I ever feel to nature. I could write a whole blog on how inspiring and magnificent Autumn can be. 

When we finally got to the reservoir, we were unbelievably hot and our feet were on the sore side, as we have been out of the walking game for a while. It was even hot enough to go for a paddle which essentially turned into a water fight. We couldn’t wait to dive into our little picnic and as I stated at the ducks on the glistening water, a sense of emotional soreness came over me. It hit me just how much I missed being with nature, walking and breathing the air of the great outdoors. I’m proud of myself for moving away from the grey city of Manchester and into the green realms of Sheffield, where that sense of home isn’t too far away- the Peak District overseeing me, as friendly cousins of the Lake District fells. 

This mindful observation I made at this moment, just reminded me of my values. How this affects my plan and coaching journey and university commitments. This part of my heart, that came from my home in the Lakes. This part of me just can’t be neglected. This part of me is my “Child of Nature” and like any other child, she needs care and attention or she will cry out and, as a feral child would, she will rebel. 

I hope you can appreciate how much taking time to be Mindful and listen to your inner voices, can allow you to understand yourself and maintain positive self care. Moments like this have made me realise that being in nature, walking is something that has to be part of my “real-timetable” (link to this post HERE). If you want to make the most effective use of your work time, your mind and spirit need to be in balance or they can’t work with you effectively. Only you will know what your mind and spirit healing time involves. Perhaps you dance, spend time with your children or animals. Whatever it is, listen to that voice- you aren’t going mad, this little voice is trying to stop you going mad!

Just watching the water and feeling the nature, I could feel my mind and spirit heal.

When we got home from the walk, I felt so chilled out and fresh, like I could sleep well at night. If we weren’t going out to a Gary Numan concert that night, we probably would have had an early night! 

It is surprising what heals the mind. You just need to take the time to be Mindful and learn about you. What is your voice saying to you right now? 

Whatever it is you need, take some time. Find a space in that diary of yours and go give yourself some mind medicine! You really will feel the benefits and remember it’s not selfish to look after one’s self. If you aren’t OK, how can you look after others? Take that as a point from a recovering people pleaser 😊

We stopped for a quick drink in the local pub on Loxley Road on the way back and made friends with the lovely locals.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you got something from it and that you take your time to be Mindful when you need it!
All the best,

Heather ^_^

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