September & October Favourites

Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Since I started working at Pizza Express towards the end of Summer, I have been fulfilling my love for Italian food. As an employee, I am very well treated to the food regularly (we need to know what to recommend of course!) My favorite has to be the Padana (goats cheese) and the dough balls are just amazing!


Gavin & Stacey

Dean and I like to watch and re-watch our favourite seasons and Gavin & Stacey has to be one of the best. A classic comedy with a realistic insight on British family life in today’s society. The characters are unforgettable and one of my fave episodes to watch around December is the Christmas special- it just reflects Christmas and family life in the UK.


My New Smartphone

In September, I got a Lenovo, which isn’t a brand I wasn’t aware of but they are bloody good quality. I’m not a huge smartphone lover, but when it comes to making blogging and capturing life simple, these babies are the way to do it. The camera is amazing- even the “selfie cam” is HD. I honestly didn’t pay loads for this phone and it seems to me just as good as an Apple or the latest Samsung. I have WordPress on my phone so I can add pictures to my blog directly from my phone!

The October Moon

I’m not sure what it is about the full moon of October, but I always feel like it gets so much bigger at this time of year. I was inspired by it one time a few years ago- HERE is my poem I wrote about it on my Poem of the Month page for October.

Autumn Days…

Autumn must be my favourite season. I always say I enjoy each season for what it is at the time, however there is something about Autumn which binds me closer to nature. I get a similar feeling with Spring. I guess what I love more about Autumn, is how the little things like horse chestnuts (conkers) and acorns inspire me so much- it’s all about the potential within them. 

I could write a whole post on Autumn- in fact I think I will! Check out my other blog post about this concept HERE.

Halloween Home…

This year, as it’s our own place, we decided to decorate our home and set the scene for one of my favourite holidays! Not only is Halloween so close to my Birthday, it’s just a very nostalgic thing for me. Singing along to “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas on VHS was a childhood ritual, which has continued up to now. It may not be VHS anymore, but this must continue and now my home is dressed for the occasion on October 31st where I can’t wait to celebrate.

My Freedom on four Wheels…

I had to leave this until last because this is definitely my biggest event in the past few months. I am back on the road and a Hyundai i20 is part of my life once more!

I don’t just see having a car as, well having a car; this is a lifestyle which I had grown up with and was just missing too much since leaving my home town. A car is how I got to places and not just the shops, places where buses and train seldom take you, like walking in the middle of nowhere and exploring endless back roads, leading to magical forests and bubbling streams. Yes, I’m getting descriptive now, which just shows how hungry for adventure I had gotten. I can write so much more about this in another post, but one more highlight about having your own wheels is, your timetable is your own.

Here is an HDR snap of my new motor, edited by my Dad. I called her Penny Pure, as it reflects a clean start and open road ahead just waiting to be explored: bring on the road trips!


Thanks for checking out my faves of September & October! I, once again feel like I didn’t have enough to share at the end of September and life got in the way. Hope you are having a beautiful Autumn!

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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