Autumn Inspiration: What I love about the Fall…

Welcome back to my blog, and in this post I’m going to be worshiping the magnificence of Autumn- in my opinion, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. I have been very snap happy so far into this season and I have plenty of shots to share here, displaying the beauty of Autumn, or you may like to call it Fall…

Personally, even though I am English, I don’t always refer to this season as Autumn. I’m not sure why, I guess sometimes Fall sounds more natural in some scenarios? I never allow myself to be a slave to my origin when it comes to language anyway. Fall, Autumn, both beautiful names for a beautiful, inspirational season and here are the things which I love about it:

Creative Colors…



Even though the colors of Autumn are those of dead leaves, this somehow is still beautiful and something I admire, reflecting perhaps that there is beauty even in death…


I love the chestnut shine of the conker shell, the smooth texture when fresh from it’s prickly nest. I love how, when during the Fall, the trees all have their individual shades of leaves and that each one is very unique within a particular tree. Where I live, I can look down over the valley and see an Autumn rainbow of trees across the landscape. As well as when I look down as I’m walking, I notice every leaf as I scrunch through the sea of brown, yellow, orange and pale green. I love how it brings me so close to nature…

Inspiring Conkers…

This Fall, I picked up a conker emerging from a shell and was struck with so much inspiration, I could have exploded. This analogy of potential (just like my acorn analogy- see post HERE) gave me more to write about as I grasped the prickly shell of this new born, shiny conker, nestled within it’s silken bed, ready to face the world.

Exploring Trees…


There is something about Autumn, and I’ve mentioned this before, that brings me closer to nature. People actually tend to pay more attention to trees- how can we not? We are walking though their leaves on our way to the shops, work or whatever. They seem to shed their way into out lives and in doing so, there are plenty of ways we can enjoy them. I have always loved climbing trees as a kid and even now I like the odd moment hanging out in the trees or even just sitting under one. Leaves are fun to walk through, admit it! Many of us change our routes along a path just so we can kick the leaves along as we are walking to amuse ourselves- nothing wrong with that! Not to mention, making a huge pile of leaves and diving into it is so much fun!


My favorite holiday, perhaps on par with Christmas. I like ghost stories and freaking myself out with horror movies and chilling tales anyway, but during this period, I’m free to embrace as much spookiness as I like! This year, we went all out with our Halloween decorations and even had a rather spontaneous Halloween party!

Bonfire Night!

The smell of a smokey night, the pops and crackles around the neighborhood, which I can imagine gets on peoples nerves, actually is kind of relaxing to me. I was born the day before bonfire night, so I guess it reminds me of childhood birthday memories back home. This year was my first Birthday and Bonfire Night in Sheffield and it so happened that my cousin and her fiancee were visiting for a gig at the Arena, so on November 5th we went to a local community Bonfire party.  I have never actually been to a proper bonfire before and even though this was just a small, scout club party, it was a fantastic atmosphere complete with food, hot drinks, a huge raging bonfire to keep us warm and a spectacular fireworks display to music.

Bonfire HDR

I’m an Autumn Child…

Born in early November, I feel like this is my ideal season. The combination of being closer to nature, embracing the colors and enjoying the leaves, I feel so alive! This Autumn has provided me with many challenges and I’ve had to make some tough decisions. Above all else, I was thankful that these challenges did arrive at this time of year, when nature is closest to my soul and I do believe that nature itself told me what to do. I already knew what to do, but the leaves, the gentle wind and the foraging squirrels just confirmed to me what was in my heart all along. This certainly was a “fall” in my journey, however it was nature as this most beautiful time of the year, which spoke to my soul, directing me and allowing me to rise again. This year, this is what I love about the Fall…

Some Autumnal Moments…

The Heights of Abraham, Matlock, Derbyshire: October 2016


Damflask Reservoir, Sheffield: October 2016



Rivelin Valley Nature Trail, Sheffield: October 2016


Norfolk Park, Sheffield: September 2016


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy embracing the rest of this beautiful Fall…

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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