November Favourites

This is going to be a very short but sweet post as I have more ideas for Christmas blog posts this month. As it was my Birthday last month, I did get a few new goodies to share with you and also, I made a huge decision which has altered my life in a positive way. As well as sharing my favourites, I like to use these posts to share updates. I mean, I do share things on social media, but I don’t really explain myself- it’s normally just an Instagram snap and maybe a little inspirational quote here and there to do with something I have discovered. I will talk more about these recent changes towards the end of this post and also about my aims to bring my focus back into blogging as it’s coming up to a whole year next month!

Birthday Gifts: Zoella Lifestyle Bag


In this bag were a couple of little cool things which I have been loving throughout November and will continue to do so. When I heard Zoella now has a lifestyle range, I got really excited and Dean sure can take a hint… Here are a couple of items in the bag which I got in this snazzy little bag…

On-the-go Mug:


This cute mug has been really useful at work as I take my own tea bags and make myself a cuppa to keep me going through my training which have been long shifts.

“Inspire” Key ring:


This has certainly brightened up my handbag this month and I have slowly gotten to understand the latest obsession with rose gold at the moment. It goes so well with the colours on my bag as well as the word itself being a constant reminded to keep focused on my dreams.

Birthday Gifts: Equilibrium Necklace


I can thank my lovely best friend, Nicola for this shiny piece of jewelry. Last year I received an Equilibrium bracelet from her so I am starting to love this brand. This long necklace layers really well with other necklaces and dresses up a plain top or jumper for work.

Birthday Gifts: Hand felted Picture


This is the last birthday gift I’m going to share and this is a hand felted piece by a local artist here in Sheffield. My Mam actually does needle felting (check out her stock HERE) and Dean bought this from a lady who does more pictures than models. Dean and I both share a love for cherry blossoms and I’m sure that when the Spring comes, you will be seeing more of this picture…

Primark Hauls:


This is just a handful of my recent Primark hauls. A new store has just opened in Sheffield which is much larger than the original. I have been getting new clothes for work, jeans, hats, leggings and even some dungarees! I hope to soon do a try-on blog post with Primark fashion as I have just got so many things there lately.

A New Bird in our Flock:


So this month, I actually wrote a whole blog post about my birds! Check it out HERE.

This little lady here is Pickles and she came back down to Sheffield with us after we visited home last month. She has settled in so well and has been a huge part of our lives now, I just had to include her in the monthly faves šŸ™‚


So, the big decision I made this month was to leave my university course.

This was a huge decision and one that I had thought about for a long time. I am in the process of writing a post on my reasons behind this, as it is a long story. For those of you interested in that, watch this space. If not, here is the short version…

I did not have the best start to 3rd year and something triggered anxiety, which I have not had consistently since I was a child. Things went downhill from then on and I realised this path is no longer what I want. I want a full time job to keep my finance worries down and give me a routine as well as more life experience before I head down the self-employment route in future when I am focusing more on my coaching. I am still taking my coaching diploma and will be taking on clients in order to complete this qualification in the New Year.

I was so happy to start a new full time job a couple of weeks ago in Customer Service and Inam enjoying the training so far! All this happened so quickly and I have been up and down so much, but if there is one thing I learned while battling anxiety, it is to always listen to your inner voice- the one with a solution! If you have ever suffered anxiety, you will know there is possibly a million voices in your head- all panicking; but you need to find a space to let the sensible voice in! I had to go for a walk on my own and just be present in order to allow my voice to come through. As soon as I listened and decided, I was back to myself and found the confidence to succeed at a group interview! If I can do that, anyone can!


This month has had a bit of waffle at the end for you, but I felt like getting a full time job has been a highlight of my month (and year!) so I just had to explain myself šŸ™‚

Thank you for reading and keep following for some festive blogs soon!

All the best,

Heather ^_^

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