Countdown to Christmas

Happy December everyone! Welcome back to Heather Blogz!

This is officially the last month I have in my first year of blogging! I realize I haven’t had this blog as my main priority and why I am still a very small blog, however, I’m still writing for me and still very much enjoying it. For those of you who have been following this blog, thank you so much and I hope you enjoy my writing 🙂

So, Christmas is almost here AGAIN! Hope you are all ready for it! I just wanted to make a quick little post, sharing what I have been up to this month so far on the big Christmas countdown! For me, I have so much to look forward to in December before Christmas Day and this is usually Christmas parties, at home and out, decorating my home, visiting family and friends and, finally, Dean and I actually celebrate our anniversary on Christmas Eve- 4 years this year!

I’d like to start with sharing my decorations in our first home for Christmas! I really went to town with creating a festive scene, making our home all cozy. Especially as we’re hosting on Christmas Day this year, it has to be the ultimate Christmas home!


I had the first decorations up since the end of November. It’s like I wanted to provide a foundation for the main feature- our first real Christmas Tree!


When we collected our tree from Loxley Nurseries, we went for a lovely Sunday roast at the Vintage Inn pub in Loxley. The pub was decorated so festive and cozy, I couldn’t resist capturing the moment.


Then we took our lovely tree home to decorate and make Christmas happen…


As we got excited about buying and decorating our first real Christmas Tree, Sheffield was more than ready for the Christmas scene. The Christmas markets were in full swing, creating a festive atmosphere in the streets. I always preferred Sheffield’s markets to Manchester- I just can’t deal with the crowds in Manchester so I prefer little old Sheff’ 🙂




As our home is now ready for Christmas, we hosted our first home Christmas party with our new friends…



The latest highlight of December so far was when we traveled home last weekend to visit our families and go to my Karate club’s Christmas party- which is like one of my highlights of the year, as it’s one of the only times I can actually see my karate family for a good catch up. As usual, it was an AMAZING night to remember! Here are a few shots of Dean and I all decorated for the night…and yes, I was wearing gold converse style shoes as I’m not ready to wear girly shoes any time soon!

As well as the karate club, I also met up with my best friends, Nicola and Jess at a local pub for a meal and present exchange. There is just never enough time for us to have regular catch-ups but when we do meet up, we really make the most of it!


Merry Christmas to you all! Whatever you are doing, however you choose to document it, make the most of this most positive time of the year and don’t let anyone get you down!

Christmas Wishes,

Heather ^_^


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