Happy Year of the Rooster: How I follow the Chinese Zodiac

Happy Year of the Rooster everyone!


A new year is here and no, I may not be Chinese, but I have my reasons for celebrating and working around this particular calendar…



The story of the Chinese Zodiac, I heard for the first time why I was at infants school and was something that stuck with me ever since. I more recently revised this story when I fell in love with the Japanese anime series “Fruits Basket”, which follows the concept of the animals from the Zodiac and in particular, the story of the Cat.

The main reason that I believe in the Zodiac and that there is a significance to the animals we are born under, is that my animal makes more sense to me than anything else in the world; I was born under the Horse and have connected to these beautiful creatures and admired them since a very young age- since I could barely walk in fact. I may not have grown up on a farm or spent my childhood at pony club, but I found myself so randomly connected to them in ways I could never explain. Have you ever felt that about something?

IMG_0026 (800x600)-001.jpg

Secondly, it has been since the last Year of the Horse in 2014, that I decided to make a thing about Chinese New Year and embrace the Horse within to show my gratitude of this whole concept. I have never felt ready for making New Year commitments in the traditional Western New Year of January 1st. To me now, this is just a new calendar and a new number to write down when scribbling the date on things. With the aftermath of Christmas, chocolates still being around the house and struggling to get out of the holiday routine, I am never ready to commit to New Year resolutions and especially this year, as things are still a bit “floopy” for me. With Chinese New Year being a whole month into the new year, this gives me more time to figure out my plan of how to make it all “unfloopy” by the time the Rooster takes his stand- or whichever animal is taking over that year.

When a new Zodiac year begins, I use this time to start my plan in order to be where I want to be by Spring Day (March 20th or 21st). In the year of the Horse (2014) I wanted to have my acceptance into University which would confirm me leaving home and my hometown for the first time and to my delight, this came true and the huge adventure begun… For the year of the Ram (2015) I wanted to move out of my student accommodation and into my own space- this being in a house share with working adults. I remember being in a place where I wanted to embrace independence fully at this time- surely enough, that happened. Last year, the year of the Monkey (and Dean’s year!) I wanted to have found a place to live with Dean in Sheffield! Another big move! Of course, you know how that turned out- here we are in our own apartment and all grown up! You can follow my story of this move on my Countdown to Adulthood blog series. This was essentially the biggest goal I have accomplished and so much has been learned in this journey…

Now here we are, Year of the Rooster, and I am making my way to Spring Day celebrations with business, blogs, vlogs and more on the horizon. Time to make Year of the Rooster the year for business! I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, ever since my first job, which happened to be working for myself at 17. After plenty of work experience and various studies, I have finally found an ideal way to be my own boss once more- Life Coaching. If you followed my blog over Summer, you may be aware that I am have been studying for my Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching. I have found this career change very exciting and positive in so many ways! I have since, found ways to use my coaching skills to create my own unique sessions which I can’t wait to share with the world!

What are your plans for this Year of the Rooster? Or even 2017 in general? What have you achieved so far? I love hearing new ideas and how people use their talents to create their own successes! Do share them in the comments 🙂

I have really enjoyed writing this post, and it has really motivated me to take action on my goals. Thank you for reading and I would be very interested to know what your Zodiac animal is? 🙂


Happy Chinese New Year & I wish you all good fortune for this Year of the Rooster!


Heather ^_^


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