January Favorites

It’s a new year and a whole blank page to fill! Entering my second year of blogging and here is January favorites #2!  Many of these favorites are also things I have enjoyed over Christmas and what I got for Christmas as I didn’t do a December faves, I thought I’d make a big combined post 🙂

Twig Pens! (and baubles!)


As an early Christmas gift, Dean and I were so excited to receive these cute baubles for our little family- all personalized with our names on. They made pretty tree decorations as well as adding a Christmas twinkle to the bird cages.

On Christmas Day, we had more from the Twig Pen People – we got our personalized business Twig Pens! Made from natural twigs, these quirky gifts were amongst our faves from my parents this year.

Find The Twig Pen People here and get your loved ones a quirky, personal gift. @thetwigpenpeoplecumbria

Lush Christmas!

So Dean got me Lush 12 days of Christmas for our anniversary and I am still making my way through it. I was completely spoiled this year and enjoying pampering myself more these days. I never used to be one for baths and chilling out like this- but thanks to Lush, I’m getting used to it.


I’m a Brunette!

As I just mentioned, I have a new hair color… Well here it is! I have always wanted darker hair and recently I committed to going permanent with this amazing mahogany/ plum shade of brown and I am absolutely loving it on the dark side!

                              Crazy Budgie Lady!


I love love LOVE this hot drinks mug I got for Christmas off my best friend, Jess. She certainly knows me too well. This mug has been keeping my morning lemon waters hot while I drive to work and the teas I make at work, as well as decorating my desk.

BIG Sea Salt Shampoo

Staying with the Lush products for now, this shampoo has been amazing! I was kinda worried that it would strip the new color from my hair with some of those natural ingredients, but fear not, it was a blessing to my scalp.

KIKO Cosmetics


Over the New Year, I ended up in the local KIKO store in Sheffield with my cousin and picked up a few bargains in the sale. I needed more than just the one shade of lipstick, so I grabbed a couple while I was here as well as a couple of other things…


Not only did I have my whole family visit over Christmas, and we spent New Years with my cousin and her fiance, we also had Dean’s best friend and his Dad stay with us for a few nights over January.

Christmas Dinner was an interesting one, as I’ve never been the one putting the turkey in the over and prepping the veg. This year I was hosting and amazingly I didn’t burn anything or run out of food! I thoroughly enjoyed being a busy little elf and it was lovely spending time with my family in our new home.



Dean and I visited Wagamama for the first time last month- I know! Where have we been, right? We were delighted to indulge in amazing ramen and katsu curry.

Since this little treat, I was inspired to start cooking ramen at home again and of course I was sooo happy that this is also a dish Dean enjoys!

Be…Palette by Bubz Beauty

I have followed Bubz for so long now and it is not until now that I have one of her very own products. I love this palette, the names of the shades and the fact that when Dean got me this for Christmas, he contributed also to the project Bubz is also working on to support building new schools for children in undeveloped countries. (Pencils of Promise)

I use this palette a lot and I love how the names give me a confidence boost when I apply my eye shadow. Well done Bubz!

Thank you for checking out my favorites this month. I know it was a bit late but better than never! My next posts will be on time!

All the best,

Heather ^_^




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