Spontaneous blog post #1: Something Different

So I was working on my very late February favorites blog post and then I scrapped it. I mean, it wasn’t even favorites to be honest. It was just a bunch of stuff I have enjoyed and I was finding it difficult to write about. I guess you could say I wasn’t enjoying writing about my “favorites”. Maybe I was just doing it for the tag so I could get more views… but is that me?

The real answer to that is no, it’s not me. It’s not me to just follow a trend or do expected things. I miss writing about just what’s on my mind like I did when I first started blogging last year and talking about things that have happened and how I found those experiences. My recent blog on Why I Left University got more attention and support that I have had since I became a blogger. I may not have many comments but I have had people personally message me to tell me how well it was written. It feels so warming to know that people have entered my world through the way I write. I may not have won my appeal, but in my mind, I won the understanding and support of people whom took the time to read my story and to even tell me how they found it. I won because, after studying therapeutic counseling for years, I found my way to express my emotions and get my strong feelings out in my own creative way. I won because I have been heard. To those who read my blog and particularly those whom have read my university story, I am so grateful. Your comments and kind words mean so much to me and I am at peace now I know that I have your support. Thank you.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that I miss writing from the heart. It’s what I do. Apparently people like it and it is what I enjoy most about blogging. So here we go again with the spontaneous blogs and reflections on life updates. Time to do something different.

Speaking of something different, this has constantly been going around in my head when it comes to planning the wedding. Take your image of a traditional white wedding with bright pastel flower bouquets, snowflake bridesmaid dresses, huge fancy hats, a four tiered wedding cake and a pure silken wedding gown- take all that lot and just toss it out the window; well maybe don’t toss it because they are really pretty things, but just not for me, is what I’m trying to say, just place it carefully to one side…

As you may know, if you have read my Engagement Story Dean proposed at the beginning of last month, so I have been engaged for over a month now. We have started planning and it certainly is something different! Without a massive budget, we felt we wanted to pretty much design the celebration to our unique taste. People expect a lot when it comes to weddings- as in a lot of assuming questions are being asked. What are you doing for your hen night? Are you having a church ceremony? Have you thought about bridesmaids? Shoes? “THE DRESS?” Some things I can answer as when it comes to rings and the actual married life, I’m pretty traditional but when it comes to the wedding itself, I’m pretty much that stubborn little tomboy again who doesn’t want to wear a dress and doesn’t like being all soppy and slushy in front of so many people. That is just me personally. When I watch other people, I think it’s cute and I can get emotional, but when it’s me- totally different story…

I think I have talked about the ceremony (and how we aren’t really having  one) in my engagement blog post, so I won’t repeat myself there. As for bridesmaids. I simply would choose too many of my friends and relatives and I hate having to pick “parts”- it’s like selecting a cast for a play and I would just feel so bad if I appointed official bridesmaids. All of my friends are important and although I do have two friends whom are like my sisters (as we are all only children) they know who they are and that I guess this does make us uniquely close, however I don’t feel it needs to be announced officially as I don’t want to devalue my other close friendships I have had over the years. All of which are unique and will always have a place in my heart. You all know who you are.

Shoes is an easy one for me. Shock horror, guys and girls but Heather will not wear heels or dainty feminine shoes for any occasion- not even her own wedding. If you know me, you will probably have already guessed that the good old converse will be on top of the possible shoe list (I say possible very loosely)… I guess I’m writing this blog post just to prepare my guests, if they are reading this, that I’m no ordinary bride. I’m a pretty bad example of a bride to be honest. I don’t want to be in the spotlight, I don’t want the day to be about ME and… here it is, I won’t be wearing a wedding dress…

There you go, that was the big climax. Hope you were sitting down, girls. Some people may be with me on this one and just and not have the reaction of most people. In the words of Green Day “I want to be the minority”. I owe this to my inner child and especially that part of me that just thrives on doing something different.

I actually haven’t a clue what I will be wearing. As long as it’s comfortable and doesn’t make me stand out, I don’t really care. I would appreciate any ideas??? Comment or message me. Just remember, I want to do something different…

Well there you go. This might have got a bit controversial, but hey that’s Heather- writing from her heart and being completely honest. Some things I’m too afraid to use my actual voice to say. But on here, I feel perfectly safe to use my inner voice.

Thank you for reading and taking an interest in this kind of blog post 🙂

All the best,

Heather ^_^ heatherwoods



One thought on “Spontaneous blog post #1: Something Different

  1. Yes Heather just be yourself and whatever you decide to do or wear I know will be perfect. Have a great life with Dean and be happy. Good Luck.


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