The Awakening: What I love about Spring

Another season of change is upon us! Can anyone remember my last seasonal blog post about Autumn? I will link it HERE if you want to check it out as it has a very similar feel to this post.


I love love LOVE writing about nature, especially nature’s annual journey and the inspirations it brings to me! It is the first day of Spring today! HAPPY SPRING DAY! Time to celebrate new beginnings as flowers bring out the first pastel colors since the sun set over them in early fall, insects emerge from their cozy shells, lambs wobble over the hillside and the swallows will soon be perching on those telegraph wires…


Nature is about to become alive in the most beautiful and inspirational way. I call Spring: the awakening for two main reasons. One being, the music from the classic movie “The Secret Garden” after the song: “Awakening of Spring”, one of my favorite pieces of music at this time of year. The title of this music perfectly outlines the magnificent scene in my head as I hear the sopranos harmonize perfectly- a most magnificent scene of wild flowers blossoming in the gentle breeze, the sunlight glistening in the reflection of streams, little songbirds content in the branches of a cherry blossom, as cheerful confetti falls from her branches. This is the awakening of every animal to be born, every egg to hatch and every bud to bloom. This is the awakening of Spring….

Celebrating Change

In my post about the Chinese New Year and how I celebrate it, I mentioned that I like to have reached my goals by the first day of Spring. Now, taking a look at my goals, I am very satisfied that I have achieved 90% of what I intended to do for Spring Day 2017!

  • I wanted to be in a day job that I am happy doing and comfortable in. CHECK!
  • I wanted to have uploaded my introduction YouTube video for my new channel. CHECK!
  • I wanted to be regularly vlogging and uploading. CHECK!
  • I wanted to be posting on my blog at least once a week. CHECK!

The one thing I have not got around to, which I now have plans to take action with, is getting back into my Coaching to complete my Diploma! I will book a mentoring session this week with a mentor to help me get back into the swing of things and get back on track! Now that I am in a day job that gives me energy rather than drains me of it, I am feeling much more positive about doing other things when I get home!

This Spring Day I will be celebrating my increase in positive energy and the changes I have felt since I got my new job. I will also be celebrating my ability to stick to regular exercise and keeping me active. I really missed working out and I am starting to see and feel the changes of this alongside a physical job- yes, my abs are beginning to take shape again 🙂


Finally, I will be celebrating my ability to stick at this blog on a weekly basis; getting into my second year of being a blogger and I don’t want to see this blog go anywhere but onward and upwards! Last week I decided to ditch the monthly faves and just have a weekly “Spontaneous blog post” instead. I may do an odd monthly favourite when I feel like it, but it will probably just be a “haul” post or something. As well as my blog, I have been successful with uploading my vlogs on a regular basis! I have filmed 2 videos for my new channel and uploaded the introduction to relaunch it!

So, overall many changes to acknowledge and celebrate! I am positive that I will get back into my Coaching as I attend the local Coaching community meet up tomorrow evening 🙂 I am happy with the goals I have achieved in time from Spring Day!



I’m sure I have already written about these cheery little gems in last year’s Spring post, but I have some more snaps of them to share- I can’t get enough of these joyful blooms of sunshine 🙂





My Own Tulips!

This year, I brought my own tulips into our home! Here they are, standing tall and slim on the kitchen windowsill, soaking up the rays from the warm Sun, awaiting this day to look their best.



Bright Mornings, Longer Evenings

As the days extend for the long Summer ahead of us, I feel blessed to wake to daylight shining through my windows at 6 and 7am when I can get out for a morning run. Starting the day earlier means more production and longer evenings means more time for evening walks, playing games in the park and feeling like there is more hours in the day.





Finally, the highlight of Spring! The celebration of all beginnings! Not just chocolate, eggs and fluffy ducks, I love celebrating Easter as I think it is the closest holiday to nature. This year, I will be spending Easter Sunday at a friend’s wedding and the whole week at home in the Lake District. I am looking forward to seeing the lush green Cumbrian fells at their best in the height of Spring! I will also be celebrating my engagement with people at home for the first time and continue our wedding plans for October!

Wow, writing this post has got be excited, not just for Spring, but for the entire year ahead! To me, Spring represents the true beginning of the year. We have completely got over the Christmas holiday break and got into the swing of 2017 by now, well and truly warmed up for the rest of the year! This year, Dean and I have plenty to look forward to. Planning and celebrating our engagement, perhaps moving over the Summer and finally our wedding and honeymoon in October- a new beginning to celebrate in the Fall…



Thank you for reading my Spring celebration post! I hope you have enjoyed it and I hope you make the most of your Spring Day! How do you feel about Spring?

All the best,

Heather ^_^





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