Spontaneous Blog Post #3: No more smart phones for me!

So the rant continues! Last year, I had a smart phone rant, followed by my Nokia 3310 purchase. I continued to use this phone and another oldie mobie for months after this, until I felt (for some reason) that I was missing out during my process of setting up as a coach during my diploma. I thought a smart phone with 2 SIM cards would be an “essential” tool for helping me start out. Well, things change…

My priorities, for one, being a major change. At the moment I want to be a coach for different reasons other than to make money, therefore I don’t want to put so much pressure on my coaching business- I would rather let it build steadily over time, than do it all at once and be disappointed if it doesn’t take off as quick as I hoped after I put everything into it. Another difference is that I now have a good day job where I am happy to go, so I know that this business will have to be part time anyway.

ANYWAY, back to the thing that put me in a bad mood last week (after such a good workout and meditation 😦 )  – smart phones… So, after last year’s rant and I was tempted back into the modern need to have a smart phone, I have, yet again been left disappointed. My phone has a mysterious knock/ dent which has deformed it so the buttons don’t line up with the case and it’s constantly switching on and off and doing all these weird things all the time. The phone is basically unusable unless the back is off but even then, all the apps are crashing and freezing. I have no idea how my phone got bent. I never dropped it- if I did it was never hard enough to make this dent! I never keep it in my pocket, so there is no way it has been sat on or anything??? I don’t know. But it ticked me off, knowing that whatever minimal knock, bump or drop it has had, it’s now unusable as it’s primary use- a phone! I’ve not even had it a year, I got it like last Summer and it had a case on it.

So, I took it to Argos, where I got it and they told me the manufacturer would probably put it down to it having taken impact. Well, I didn’t expect anything from Argos as I didn’t take out their insurance or anything, I just wanted a realistic opinion of what Lenovo would do. I really shouldn’t have to explain to Lenovo that I am careful with my phone- I know for a fact I’m more careful than a lot of people are. I keep my phone in my bag, I don’t exactly take it EVERYWHERE and I’ve never dropped it from a height or anything but how likely are Lenovo to believe me and send a new phone?

Maybe I’m just being negative, but maybe I’m just fed up with these new phones that are just too flimsy to withstand a year’s practical use without some military protective case! We all know it, we just don’t want to admit it because smart phones are just considered a necessity these days. Anyway, I don’t think I will miss it this time! When I think of how many phones I’ve spent money on just to have to replace them because they don’t have the latest app or they have broken, I want to just give up on them altogether….

Turns out, Dean has a tablet he doesn’t use so, should I need to use apps or anything, I have this as a separate element to the mobile phone itself. For texting and calls, I have my trusty Nokia that could probably survive being run over! There we go, a solution without spending any money.

Thank you for taking interest in this post. I just felt I needed to vent in writing as I couldn’t believe my whole day went kaput because of a smart phone! I mean, it even took all day to get my SIM into my Nokia because the Lenovo needed a mirco SIM and the adapter was all fiddly and needed a new one… *sigh*

It will do me good, going smart phoneless once again as it wont just be there to distract me, it won’t be expensive to replace, I won’t be carrying something worth steeling or with a whole lot of personal info on me. I will have my tablet at home for apps I will be missing like instagram and wordpress to update my blog quickly and I have a great camera I purchased recently, so I won’t be missing the camera feature anymore. That’s all I have to say, really. No more smart phones for me!

All the best,

Heather ^_^



2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Blog Post #3: No more smart phones for me!

  1. Hey, i actually enjoy reading your rant haha.. by the way, i’m not mocking, i just can relate to you. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m using lenovo smartphone for about a year now. I envy you because you are careful with your phone. Mine stood the test of time and my temper 🙂 to date, its screen is broken and its battery a bit swollen. I am just waiting for it to explode, honestly 🙂

    Common problems with smartphones are software issues. Yours is hardware. Lenovo is notorious of slimming their models to the point of beig susceptible to dent and bend.

    Simplicity is beauty. I like it when you go back to basic. That Nokia model is primitive but as you said, it serves its function. Kudos!

    Hope you gained back your good vibes though.. smile 🙂

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    1. Thank you Albert.

      Yes, they are so flimsy. Well, I feel like I have made the right choice now that you have provided this information! haha! It is very refreshing just using the old phone again 🙂 Thanks again for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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