Spontaneous Blog Post #4: Anxiety, Introverts & the Snowman of Self-Destruction

Anxiety & Introverts…

This is probably one of the most talked about and blogged about subjects of this century- whether it’s social anxiety, childhood anxiety or a combination of anxieties, it is a pain in the butt for when you need to express yourself and these familiar feelings come into play. Some more intense than others, depending on how these things affect you as a person. Anxiety is as much the same as it is different for each individual dealing with it. In this post, I want to mainly focus on dealing with anxiety as an introvert.

Now, I hate labels and putting people in boxes, so please use my term “introvert” as loosely as possible here. For example, I know I’m not an introvert for a lot of my time around people as I’m as sociable as I am able to be task focused, but I know that I have a very introverted core and this is because when a challenge arises, I handle it like an introvert. This is the best way for me to figure out how I work out how I’m wired- revert to how I deal with something under pressure. I can communicate so well through my body language that those whom are close to me can read me like a book. This is exactly why I find dealing with anxiety as an introvert so challenging and inconvenient, as I am just unable to communicate what is on my mind to people verbally.

I believe that I have got so much better, the more life experience has given me. I think that now I know some of the main causes of my anxiety, that I am at least able to begin finding ways to prevent it next time. For example, I put a lot of pressure on myself to please others and I constantly overthink little situations, adding them to a long frustrating train of thought which builds up over time until I shut down and just want to run away and escape the problem rather than work through it. I’m talking long-term or short-term anxiety here.

Another point I want to make in this post is, I am not “diagnosed” with anxiety nor do I believe it is really a medical “condition” to diagnose. To me, anxiety is an emotional reaction, affecting one’s mental health, caused by a particular event or situation or even a build up of repressed feelings which are unconscious to the individual so all they are aware of are these awful, consistent symptoms which occur in stressful situations- however, it’s not really the anxiety that is causing the situation, but the situation triggering the anxiety because the individual has not learned to deal with it in a productive way yet- because the emotional reaction is just too strong. Now, I can see how this can be looked upon as a “condition” due to anxiety having symptoms and mental health being affected in such a negative, affecting day to day life; but is it really there in every single situation?

Do you want to build a snowman?

I have met people whom have allowed anxiety to prevent them getting work, keeping a job, performing at their best and overall, letting anxiety take over every life decisions. I get it. I get how it can be so dis-empowering to have your life controlled by a result of something negative, or for simply just the way you are wired to deal with anxiety. So, understandably you can see why depression and anxiety are closely linked- once again, people don’t just get depressed, like we don’t just get anxiety- something has happened or we have (unconsciously) invented something to be worried about which leads this snowball to start rolling, picking up more negative effects on our mental health until the snowball becomes a snowman of self-destruction!


…With an introvert holding all of these emotions in one place within themselves, it becomes more and more difficult to deal with situations IF the snowman has control. Now, I’m in no way giving advice nor saying I have anxiety all figured out here- I am just going from my own experience and how I can imagine my own anxiety being if I let it build and build into a snowman of self-destruction (which it has got close to before in the past).

Being wired as an introvert, I can relate more to how introverts deal with situations. I get that it’s so difficult to speak out what is on our minds. So what do we do? How else can we get it out?

You are not a victim…

Well, only you know that answer. The important thing is to just get it out! Are you creative? Creative a piece of art, take photos and edit them, write a song, a piece of music, sing or write a letter to yourself? If not, there are many other ways to get it out. Exercise, meditate, get a punching bag and beat the crap out of it- because I get how angry with can be with the world and even ourselves at times…

Whatever you do, tell yourself that you are in control. You are not a victim because you are capable of making decisions and life choices that you want to do. It’s time to stop intimidating authoritarians, controlling partners and demands of society from kicking your ass. Melt that snowman, kick him down or make a million snowballs out of him to chuck back at the things niggling at your mind, the things taking your choices and empowerment away. It’s your life. Do yourself a solid and say to yourself “I get anxiety in challenging situations” rather than “I am a victim of anxiety” or “I can’t do that because my anxiety prevents it” – these are limiting statements and will only leave the snowman standing, grinning at you with his black charcoal teeth. “I get anxiety, but I am learning to deal with it better, the more life throws challenges my way” will soon wipe that grin off his face!

Positive sunshine energy…

See, I’m not suggesting a cure for the feeling of anxiety- because that’s what it is, an emotion. I am only sharing the ways I have dealt with and experienced it and what is working well for me. Ever since I got into Life Coaching and discovered more positive ways to look at life, I have found more confidence and power within myself when faced with a stressful situation which often brings on anxiety. I feel like society makes anxiety to be a much scarier thing than it really is- it is simply a feeling and just like any other, it takes experience and in many cases, guidance, in order to learn a productive way of dealing with situations…

Just as the warm, colorful vibes of Spring melts the snow, your own positive mental attitude, and surrounding yourself with a positive environment, people whom make you smile and getting enough of the stuff to heal your soul, you will beam down on that snowman of self-destruction πŸ™‚ – Peace

Thank you so much for reading and keep your souls warm and positive this Spring!

All the best,

Heather ^_^

Artwork/ Feature Image by Dean Judd – AKA The Tattooedteabag



3 thoughts on “Spontaneous Blog Post #4: Anxiety, Introverts & the Snowman of Self-Destruction

      1. You’re very much welcome! This is what i love on wordpress. Real people, real emotions, no dramas πŸ™‚ just pure YOU..

        Thanks for your interest to my somewhat boring and dry blogsite. I have to apologize in advance, you might be disappointed πŸ™‚

        Greetings from Qatar to you with your loved ones..


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