Planning & Giving Notice: Countdown to Marriage #2

Hi there! Welcome back to my current “countdown” series and in this post, I’m going to talk briefly about what we have in place already and the stack of things still left to do…

So we are only having a small, budget wedding (because we are just choosing not spend big for we have other things we’d rather spend money on) and finding it rather stressful to plan, so I can’t imagine how larger weddings are dealt with! So far we have booked our dates at the registry office, have now given notice to the registrar, (on Star Wars Day haha!) we have designed our invitations and sent most of them out to our guests. We also have our venue booked and secured with our dream theme of Autumn Fantasy Woodland, inviting guests to come dressed as medieval people/ in fantasy wear if they desire. If not, we are asking guests to just dress Autumnal and it is just smart/ casual rather than formal.

Today we gave notice at the register office via an awkward and rather legal version of Mr. & Mrs and informed, in person of the procedures on the day we say our vows and I will be finally declared a Mrs! Scary and exciting stuff! Following this meeting, we went into Brown’s to discuss booking a table for an intimate family reception after the vows 🙂

So things are starting to fall into place. We have the venue, the legal stuff, the guests and the theme all in process- onto the heap of stuff which still needs done… There is a lot of things that can’t really be looked at until later in the year, such as a meeting with the stylists at the venue to discuss room set-up etc. We also need to arrange our short honeymoon (minimoon) the week following our wedding, which we think may be in Greece.

Finally, we also need to sort out our rings and what to wear at our reception. The outfits being the main issue for me. I believe Dean has his own ordered now, but for me, the pressure to get a “dress” when I don’t really want a “dress” that people imagine a bride to wear is rather annoying. I mean this by not being able to find somewhere online when I search for “alternative” dresses, that do the kind of thing I’m after. I have a stack of ideas on Pintrest, but there just doesn’t seem to be a store that wants to sell something like this to a bride on a budget… Any ideas where I can get a fantasy/ woodland elf dress in natural Autumn colors??? I should probably just stop keeping the word “wedding” in my search when I’m looking perhaps…

So, that is pretty much our little update for the wedding/ marriage preparations. It will soon be apparent to the people of Sheffield that we will be married in October so I guess that makes it all official!

Thanks for reading! Stick around on my blog for the next update when anything else exciting happens!

All the best,

Heather ^_^



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