Running After Rain: How to get the most from your body during a heatwave

Today, I have never felt more alive.

This heatwave in South Yorkshire and across many parts of the UK this weekend has really taken us by surprise. As a fair-skinned Northerner, I’m not really cut out for this type of weather, inside and out! Not many of us are, really. We all like to embrace in the heat of the Sun and get out the BBQs and drinks but at what point do we listen to our bodies?

Listen to your body

Mine gave me a sharp wake-up call last night as I begun to struggle, waddling around the city centre after scoffing myself with BBQ food and sugary crap just because we had friends over. The heat really got to me- now I do enjoy the sun and am grateful for all it delivers us, but my body was beginning to flag a bit last night. It was telling me “stop stuffing unwanted food into your mouth!” and “I need a hell of a lot more liquid than this!”

And so, this morning I woke up with the urge to run. Seeing as it was a little overcast, I thought, why not? and if it were to rain, then that’s refreshing. Turns out, the heavens opened! This was before I’d even got dressed into my shorts and running top. I was contemplating just doing and indoor workout, but for once I listened to my internal pleas to run out in the refreshing, cooling air…

Keep Active

Gee, am I glad I listened. It was like running in a rainforest! As Sheffield is so densely populated by trees, especially in my neighbourhood, the smell was absolutely magnificent! The air felt so fresh and clean- like the city itself had taken a shower, rinsing off all that clammy sweat, and here was I, bathing in its cleansed atmosphere. If colours had a scent, it was green that I could smell, taste and inhale as I ran through the streets and parks. Fueled by this green energy (and I’m not being all Green Party political here) I felt like I could run for Britain and I just kept going- on a much longer route than usual…

Eat the right food

Finally, in the park, I decided to walk the woodland route home. It was then that I was met with a most blissful feeling of positive life energy. There were birds hopping from tree to tree, singing sweet melodies from their canopies.  Squirrels scuttled up the branches and insects danced in the sunbeams. The warm earth steams in the light and the sound of the trickling stream surrounds me with zen magic.


Filled with endorphins from the run, as I inhaled, I tasted every ounce of green life in the woods. Then, a familiar scent struck me! Wild garlic! Surely enough, there it was at the side of the path, so fresh and organic. It smells so much more refreshing than the garlic you normally buy from the supermarket. I gathered a small bunch to take home and cook with the Mediterranean lunch I was planning to prepare. I felt like Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games” gathering supplies for her family’s survival in District 12. I love the feeling of living from the earth and using what nature has provided to get the most from my body.

Detox after endulging

So, this was a little bit different and I guess a bit more poetic and experiential than the usual “how to” blog post. But hey, that’s me. I like to write descriptive and share my experience this way. I’m not going to tell you to wear sunscreen, protect your eyes and all that jazz that you’ve heard before. I just wanted to highlight an organic reminder that when the climate shocks your body, listen to what it wants! I just knew I had to run today as a detox. You don’t need too much food, you don’t need alcohol (sorry) and you most certainly don’t need to stall.

Of course, have fun and if you do those things (like I did) then just know when to stop and detox! The rain, I guess was a blessing, and the timing was perfect as now I’m sitting down nice and chilled while the hot sun continues to heat up the earth outside, my garlic filling my living room with that fresh, green aroma…

Have fun and stay safe in the sun guys! Thanks for reading  ^_^


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