Top 5 things I look forward to this Summer

With Summer just around the corner, and we’ve certainly had a good taste of her magic recently, I’d like to take a moment to think about the things I’m going to look forward to in this last one as a single lady! Wow, scary thought, but it’s true! This will be my final Summer with my maiden name, the title “Miss” and no wedding band on my finger… As well as a wedding to prepare for, I am certainly going have a packed Summer! Some things will be personal diary dates for me, however, there are things about this season which I’m sure I won’t be alone in looking forward to…


1. UK Summer Break in The Cotswolds

I am super hyped for the end of this month as my cousin and two closest friends will be hitting the road with me down to the beautiful realm of the Cotswolds! Last year, I ventured down South on my own for my coaching journey, travelling via train. This time, I will be at the wheel with 3 of my favourite people to explore this delightful part of my home country.

2. Those Long, Warm Evenings in the Sun

OK, so this is something we have been fortunate enough to enjoy already over the past couple of weeks at the UK was hit with it’s the first heatwave of the year. I just love being able to sit outside on my balcony in a t-shirt with a refreshing drink and absorb some Vitamin D! The other week, we made a balcony den to keep the birds out of the direct Sun but still so that they could join us 🙂 I also love being able to go out to eat and sit in the beer garden (again, something else I’ve already been able to do already).

3. New Goals & Planning Ahead

There are a few personal goals I have made- some of which I can’t really discuss on here in detail, however, I can say I am starting a new career very soon! I am now having coaching sessions with a friend I met on my own coaching course, Dean and I also have plans to celebrate prior to our wedding in October; we have a couple of surprises for the wedding itself that we will be working on over the Summer.




4. Swallows, Butterflies & More Gifts from Nature

As much as I love Autumn and Spring as the most interesting season of change, I am very fond of the way nature just seems to come alive with warmth and colour at this time of year! Swallows are my favourite Summer bird. I saw my first swallows only today and it just lifted my heart, knowing that Summer is so close. Butterflies are another inspirational creature to me; I have written about them in poetry and songs- the way their colours and lightness attract me.


In Autumn, I admire trees for the way they provide climbing frames, shed their leaves to soften the ground and create amusement for us as we walk. In Summer, trees are a marvellous canopy to shelter us in showers and provide shade in the heat. I always get the urge to take more pictures in the Summer as the colours of the flowers are too beautiful to ignore.


5. Early Morning & Evening Exercise

As a runner, I normally prefer to run in the morning (there are many many reasons for this) but the Summer provides me with a choice. I often feel I’m still energised enough to run in the evenings of a long, warm summer day. This is both practical and enjoyable, as I always like to shower after a workout, I get to see the world both waking up for the day and retiring for the night. Morning birdsong is my music as I run and in the Summer evenings, the songs are just as soothing and I will feel able to actually sleep, even when the air is warm through the night.



There you have it, the top 5 things I’m going to be loving about this Summer! What do you love about Summer? Have you anything exciting coming up?

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