Into the Arms of Trees: the safest place in the world

In my recent “Spontaneous Blog Post” I talked about how Nature is my true religion and how I enjoy believing in something authentic, inspirational and completely natural. I have also been writing a lot, on the side, about a couple of my alter-egos I wish to include in a new series called “Elements”- meaning elements of the soul. The recent heat wave, here in the UK has recently allowed me to take refuge in a familiar, yet somehow forgotten, but sacred place to me- into the arms of trees…



A popular hypothetical question I often find my partner discussing with me is “what would you do in a zombie apocalypse?”

As much as I roll my eyes and think “oh, this hypothetical scenario again…” I do believe there is one place I would be able to feel safe and confident. I always say that I’d climb a big tree and build a safe house up there- learn to hunt and live off the greenery surrounding me from a height like the Navi tribes in Avatar. I would never need to set foot on the ground and just adapt to this lifestyle.

The Oak Tree, a very inspirational and God-like species of tree to me, particularly as I use this analogy to describe the growth of potential, as previously, my role models in the world of martial arts have used (see my blog post on exploring this concept HERE). The Oak Tree, not only looks so sturdy and content as it stands proudly, the distinctive shape is a welcoming sight, almost as if inviting me into its leafy world above. The strong bark, solid branches like a stairway to heaven, I feel it’d be difficult to fall without one of those robust arms catching me on the way down.




I think of when I saw The Hunger Games for the first time and the main character, Katniss, and another character, Rue, use trees to assist their survival- I couldn’t help think “that’d be my lifeline, too.” Most people don’t notice you up there in a tree- I mean, why would a person just sit in a tree this day and age?

I may be some crazy wild child, still not outgrown her tree-climbing habits, but I for sure can tell you several reasons why I would be in a tree:

Fun & Games



For one thing, it’s exciting and fun. I remember many childhood days climbing the cherry blossom tree in my Grandparent’s back garden. My cousin and I would pretend to be wild animals and use the tree to escape dangers of the forest floor, hang upside down and shake blossoms on each other to create spectacular petal displays. What fascinates me the most is the same excitement and joy is still triggered as an adult when I climb trees today. I was always encouraged to use nature’s playground when it came to amusing myself as an only child. My best friend and I used to play in the local woods and make our own rope swings as my Dad had taught me to do. Coming home with scrapes and bruises was a normal part of life, and something I’ve missed over the years.

Mindfulness & Tranquillity



The second reason you can find me looking upon the world from a tree is the peacefulness and serenity of the experience. Being held by one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful sculptures keeps me close to her and allows me time to be mindful and feel gratitude for my existence. The whole aura of a tree is contentful, secure and blessed- like something so great has their gentle eye on me and all creatures they provide a home for. It’s times like this when I do appreciate the small things, the very presence of a tree as a sacred gift.

Escape & Invisibility



One more reason I love spending time in trees is how invisible I feel to the world around me- particularly to people. Animals can probably sense my presence, yet carry on with their business as I’m not behaving in any particularly threatening way, yet people can walk right beneath me and not have a clue that there’s a funny girl sitting in a tree nearby. They just carry on with their music in their ears, yelling at their dogs, stuffing their faces with food or playing on their phones completely unaware. Not that I deliberately climb trees to spy on people- just to clear that up! I just find it fascinating being in the presence of another human being without being noticed at all- like being invisible.


This is probably the best feeling of all, especially in this 21st century technology obsessed, social media possessed society, I can escape the reality and pretend for once, that I am not part of the human race that is contributing to the evil and negativity going on out there- for me, it’s the only way to escape…

Thank you for taking the time to read this nature girl post. It’s been a bit hippie and rather green- I’ve wanted to write more about nature for a while, so I’m pleased I got this one out there 🙂



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